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Aaron Greenspan sues Google for $721 AND WINS

Aaron Greenspan recently commented on his local small claims court’s decision to award him the money he was owed by Google as a result of them suspending his Adsense account, for no given (and seemingly totally spurious) reason. The fact that Aaron won might be rather worrying for the search-engine giant. As Aaron describes so graphically in his own words:

“But it’s not fair!” Google’s paralegal protested. “What if everyone whose account was canceled sued Google?”

It’s a valid question. Yet until Google changes its policies to become more transparent, which might also reassure skeptics that AdWords and AdSense, which have oddly limited reporting capabilities, aren’t just two sides of the same ponzi scheme (for why else would one want to terminate legitimate accounts with high monthly liabilities when they’re supposed to be making money for Google on each click?)–I will give this answer:

Maybe everyone whose account was canceled, should.

WHHHEEEEEWW! Now that must be a worry for the King of Search! Let me know what *you* think??

Dez Futak