What do Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, John Reece & Oprah Winfrey have in common?

The simple answer is this, they are the trusted authorities in their own market place.

What separates Oprah from the rest though, is that she has learned the skill of how to interview others who have authority in the own spheres of influence.

And Oprah, in turn has become the authority on that.

What if there was a simple way to do this purely online?

Well, it has been done: again and again and again, and it’s waaaaay easier than you think. Watch this video show you how:


So if it was sooo simple, why isn’t everyone doing it? Usually it’s because of some kind of technical barrier to the whole game.

Unless you already have a technical team to roll something like this out for you, or you yourself are a tech-whizz, you’ll get stuck some where.

Click here to watch this video, which shows you the MASSIVE shortcut, with all the tech-barriers pulled down for you.

Dez Futak