Be Prepared to Improvise!



I was recently struck by the fact that my mortality means there is no point in being afraid of what people think of me: what’s the point of being afraid of other people’s opinions when we have such a short time here on Earth.

It’s obviously a fine line between being totally yourself, and being insensitive to the foibles of others, but for many, fear holds them back from trying out new ideas, being prepared to take risks, or adapting quickly to new situations that present themselves.

The knock-on effect in business – and moreover in life itself – is profound, and although the above showmanship isn’t something I find difficult, I know that there are daily challenges I face where I have to make the decision to either be paralysed by fear, or instead have confidence, courage & be prepared to take action.

Interestingly, sometimes what stops me are just my own thoughts – as Jay Kubassek shares in another video on this site, we need to learn to ignore the little man sitting on our shoulder who would want to stop us from making progress.

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Dez Futak