In case you didn’t know (OK, I admit – I didn’t!), Matt Harding is a great guy who is doing something different with his life, to bring people together through fun, dance…with a serious & fun back end message (that he never articulates…it’s just there in what he’s doing) that we all need to shake up, lay aside our fears, and dance together on this beautiful planet. Mostly because we never know when our days are done, but more so because life is meant for sharing together. Watch the YouTube video below – and spot the irrepressible Matt dancing in the background 🙂

In 2002, William Kamkwamba’s family didn’t have enough money to pay for his monthly school fees. He was 14 years old. In his spare time, he knocked up a windmill, made from spare parts (a plastic pipe, bicycle wheel parts, and so on), using it to power a radio. Since that time, he has been exposed to many opportunities which will not only change his future, but, more importantly for he & his family, will provide business opportunities for many.



Watch this second video from TED, in June 2007:

What’s the TakeAway?

  • Don’t let your circumstances limit what you believe you can achieve
  • Believe that if you sow, you will reap
  • Know that there are many people around you, who, when they hear what marvels you are achieving, will be only too willing to help you achive your dreams.
  • DON’T GIVE UP!!!!!


Josh Klein’s exposition on how to get crows to cooperate with human beings is a creative example of how we can work with other species to both our advantages – a classic case of symbiosis.

What about in business? Competitors are usually seen as a threat to an established dominance – a threat which some would want to quash or crush out of existence, in order to maintain a singular stranglehold on a hard-won market.

But is there another, more eco-centric way of doing business? Does conscious capitalism provide any possible solutions to such an survival-of-the-fittest approach?

Obviously I believe "yes" is the answer to these questions. Josh’s TED talk raises important questions on how we should do business in the rapidly changing twenty first century. We need, as Richard Dawkins would wholeheartedly agree, to move beyond evolutionary behavio(u)r, to a new paradigm in which forging links with like-minded entrepreneurs forces us to think creatively to find solutions in which we both benefit – the win-win, rather than win-lose methodologies that dominated the last century.

But, you might think – isn’t this all a bit idealistic, with so many out there still preferring the smell of blood rather than the smell of fresh bread shared around a table?

After all, the litigation industry has its wheels oiled by the kill or be killed approach, so why try and do something different?

Well, like Josh Klein, I would argue that there is, in the long run, a much better way of living, in which there is something for everyone to gain. My role is to find those business partners who share this approach, and with eyes open to the wolves, defend myself against those who are solely out to destroy. Let me be clear – I am talking metaphorically here, in case anyone is worried by such language.

So – why not make the crows in your life a benefit, and not attempt to just wipe them out?

…and unlock the prizes of your future

I recently started an incredible book by Andy Andrews, entitled The Traveller’s Gift – 7 Decisions to Success.

Why is it so incredible?

Well, before I go any further, I’ll be honest with you: most of my reading over the last 12 months is in this category. It all started in August 2008, when I began to hunger after real progress in my life as a business owner, entrepreneur, dad, husband, and man.

I recognised that there were gaps in who I was, and where I wanted to be. By the way, in case just for a second you’re tempted to guru-ize me, let me be quick to point out that I’m on that pilgrimage road still, and will be until the day I depart this amazing world. That’s not to say that I don’t have something valuable to bring to the lives of others, including possibly yours. I want to point out though – and it’s related to the title of this blog – that we all have something to offer, whatever our current circumstances and challenges.

It’s with that latter point that I’ll get back on track.

So, in recap, what is the title about?

Andy Andrews lays out the 7 key decisions any person needs to make in order to truly become successful in life.

It’s the second decision – Seek Wisdom – that I want to focus on in this post. You see, ever since August 2008, I’ve been seeking wisdom in my life, knowing that in order to find it, I have to seek it out. I’ve read, studied and tried to put into practice what I’ve come across in the almost countless books that I’ve been pouring over between then and now, and I’m not done yet.

Why this continual quest?

I believe that the experiences of this life – the relationships, challenges, circumstances – are the crucible and training ground within which we are prepared for something even greater, both in this life and beyond.

What I love about Andy’s book is that he spells it out very clearly. I’m not going to go into the details of what the book says –you can do that on Amazon.

Instead, I want to focus on the Aha! moment that I had whilst reading the second

decision for success:

I will seek wisdom.

My aha! moment is the title of this post:


Think about this for a moment: Do you see your current challenges as insurmountable problems, or do you see them as opportunities for growth? If you see them as the former, perhaps you’re in a period of deep introspection or incubation in your life, where there seems to be no clear direction forward If that’s the case, watch this video on the Psychology of Success elsewhere on this website.

But before you jump off (assuming you haven’t clicked on the link!), just meditate on the statement again:

Do Battle with the Challenges of Your Present and Unlock the Prizes of Your Future


There are several pearls of wisdom wrapped around that grain of sand.

Here’s just one:

  • If I choose to accept my current difficulties as challenges to overcome, I release the possibility in my mind that I can overcome them, and that I will also reap the future rewards associated with the permanent changes in my character that result of accepting this hardship as a discipline for my personal growth.

Now, grains of sand are irritants, and the 7 decision of success in Andy Andrews’ book are meant to be the same.

Every one of us faces difficultieschallenges in our lives. None of us is exempt. But we have a choice to make in how we respond.

What you should do now

  • Spend a couple of minutes thinking about your response to the pearl of wisdom
  • WRITE DOWN what you’re going to choose to do about what you learn
  • Now find a way to immediately put into practice what you have learned.
  • Share your wisdom with at least one other person. But do it in a spirit of serving not superiority. We ALL have something to give, something to share, a story to tell. That’s what can make our lives great.
  • Finally, watch this video below, and subscribe to Sean’s YouTube channel.



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Want to know how to build a recession-proof Business online?

I admit the intro to the video is a bit on the mad side, but the point is that many people are burying their head in the sand, believing the madness that the economy will somehow emerge out of this period of instability into something resembling the former carefree days many employees took for granted.

Most financial analysts worth their salt know that this just isn’t the case.

So what are you going to do?

For starters, if like me you’ve suffered from Lone Ranger syndrome in your life or business, you need to buddy up – to network – with people who have learned the skills of true networking and, in the case of business, entrepreneurship.

As this is primarily a marketing blog, it’d be a fair guess that you might have more than a passing interest in how to make money online.

I tried many methods to generate an income, but let me be clear about this: very, very rarely can anyone grow a successful business on their own, offline or online.

I dread to think how expensive that lesson was for me, but now that I’m part of a team of entrepreneurs who know what the stakes are, I understand that being a team player isn’t just a nice idea, it’s a must.

If you’re running a business (offline or online), you’re probably only too aware of the power of having a great team, and how it can transform situations, financially and personally.

So how do you find a great team?

Great teams only come about by great leadership, and great leaders are only great leaders if they know how to serve their team. All the most inspiring and memorable leaders have demonstrated this quality throughout the ages.

Why do I bother talking about this?

Well, I’m looking to partner with people who inspire others, and who have higher goals in life than to just make money online. Money, after all, only has any meaning in the context of relationships and how it is used to benefit those relationships. Any attempt to elevate it beyond that status risks the forfeiting of what really counts in life.

If you don’t want to be a Lone Ranger, but you’re looking to walk this incredible journey of life with others who have already trod the rocky tracks ahead, sign up in the opt-in box above, and I look forward to getting to know you in person.

Dez Futak.



Gold price July to November 2009

 source: Live Gold Price (6 November 2009)

Mike Maloney has some great videos on his site educating any potential investor about gold, and its increased demand as a surrogate currency in times of economic instability. As well as being an investor himself, Mike has taken it upon himself to study the history of gold price fluctuations, and he is quick to point out that, for over 3,000 years, any time an empire’s stability was in some way under threat, people would use gold as an unaffected investment.


If you look at the graph above, I’ve highlighted the fact that the upward trend in the data from July of 2009 until November 2009 shows increasingly large upward oscillations, as if the price is gathering significant momentum. Mike believes the price of gold has a long way to go before it plateau’s out at a new all-time high. If he’s correct, then it’s time to sell shares and swap them for gold.

I’ve been following the price of gold over the last couple of months, and notice that it seems pretty much impervious to the chaotic, unstable world of stocks and shares.

So maybe it’s time to think about changing the way we invest? What do you think?


Click here to access the interviews
(link from within this site)



  • Tony Robbins is a proponent (and so am I!) of the idea that if you have certainty in your mind, then you will release massive potential, enabling you to take action which reflects this huge energy. This leads to significant results, and that in turn feeds back into your mind with the affirmation of your previously held and consequently growing certainty.
  • As an essential part of developing certainty, you need to daily rehearse in your mind what it is that you are wanting to do or achieve, so that by the time you actually come to take the action, it’s as if you;ve already done the ‘thing’ many times already.
  • In one sense, and to some extent, your brain is willing to believe that you have done the action already (though, contrary to "What The Bleep" says, it’s not as strong as a response as the real thing – BUT it is a real effect in the brain). Tony Robbins coins the phrase "perfect practice makes perfect". His reasoning is that when the brain is able to simulate something, it doesn’t have the distracting and negative influence of the mistakes that produce a weaker neurological pathway.
  • I would argue (and I don’t have any evidence to back this up!), that because the mental rehearsal is free from other sensory input (ie mistakes) inputs, the learning path is set up more strongly (a bit like a well-worn countryside trek, with the most-used paths being the most well-worn).
  • This means that when you come to actually do the action, your brain has already experienced something very similar to what data it now receives as a result of doing the real thing, so the pathway is made even stronger, setting up a positive fedback loop which enhances your ability to make progress.
  • This could be complete rubbish what I’ve just written – as I say, I don’t have any direct research I can point to, but it seems like a good explanation of what might be happening.



Enough theorizing! Go to to watch the videos, and access the notes I made on the ideas discussed on the videos. Feedback appreciated!



I’ve recently been reading a very practical book entitled The Psychology of Success , by Judith Leary-Joyce.

I got quite enthusiastic about the book when I read the subtitle: Secrets of Serial Achievers, and what Judith has written is at the same time inspirational, and very practical -especially in the practical exercises liberally scattered throughout the book.

My only criticism (and perhaps that’s a back-handed compliment to her thoroughness) is that it’s sometimes a bit too systematic, with checklists and score-cards appearing in several places.

But the book is unequivocally endorsed by the head of HR of two large corporations (one of which is T-Mobile) and a psychiatrist, and it does contain some very unique angles. Such as:

  • Understanding your personal gravity
  • Discovering your life alignment curve

Whilst some skeptics might dismiss this as dressing up simple ideas into something bigger, just to sell a book, I’ve found lots of nuggets in the book so far, and I’ve been doing series of videos on YouTube which you can watch over on my YouTube channel, or just click on the videos below (if the videos aren’t there when you read this post, it’s because I’ve not yet dug for the specific urls as I’m writing this blog entry on my phone).

With the above caveats in mind (and who knows, Judith might not be analytical enough for you, if you’ve ever done full-blown Myers-Briggs tests or similar), I do endorse the book as one to add to your library.

Here’s my affiliate link on Amazon UK:

(US Amazon affiliate link coming soon).

Oh, by the way, you can see some mindmaps & also get access to a 7 page report about one of the chapters by clicking here: .

At the time of writing, it’s very much a work in progress -but let me know if you find it useful.

Lastly, in case you haven’t yet realised, I joined a new business venture back in August of this year, which I see very much a culmination of the internet marketing I’ve been involved in since starting up online in April 2008.

If you’re wanting to gain real success in your business venture online, or you’re looking to join a top online community of entrepreneurs, I unreservedly endorse the company I’m partnered with.

Click on this link & sign-up to get more information from the company’s CEO.

If you have any questions, feel free to connect with me on Twitter, Facebook or  LinkedIn.


The Psychology of Success (YouTube videos)

These are not so much study guide, more meditations on what Judith’s book contains.

Part 1: Know Your Style

[flv: 480 295]

Part 2: Get a grip of your personal gravity

[flv: 480 295]

Part 3: Harness your Life Alignment Curve

[flv: 480 295]

Part 4: Discover Your Core Talent

[flv: 480 295]

Part 5: Address Your Needs

[flv: 480 295]

If you’d like links to the remaining videos and more information about the book, I’ve done some mindmaps & a report which you can access here

Click in the black area below to start the video

[flv: 560 340]

Summary of the video:

  • Who should governments serve?
  • In the USA at the moment, the premise of the video is that behind both the Republican & Democrat parties is really a controlling group who are using the duopoloy of the US government for their own means & have taken the political system of the USA hostage.
  • More than this, the video suggests that the controlling group has grander schemes than just the USA.

I don’t normally venture into the world of politics in this blog, as usually there are as many views as there are people, but as an entrepreneur I cannot pretend that what I do is in a moral or political vacuum.

There’s nothing new about conpsiracy theories; they’ve been around for centuries, if not millenia. And I usually glaze over when people start waffling on about 9/11, the CIA etc. It’s more often than not food for information junkies who haven’t got anything better to do.

In this case, I’m putting my cards on the table about the above, however. I know it might be funded by people who have an equally strong agenda as the globalists, but that’s life. You can’t really be neutral on anything of import in any case.

We are in an unprecedented time in the world at this time: the economies of the world are in meltdown, and social unrest is at an all-time high. I personally have very eclectic political views, but the solutions to the world’s problems have traditionally never been solved by a controlling group. Usually what happens is that the controlling group turns into a monster, and many un-necessary and foolhardy decisions are made.

What do you think?

Is the video just propaganda by US nationalists in disguise? Or is there something we should take seriously? Let me know your thoughts!