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The story of Jay Kubassek & Aaron Parkinson is one worth knowing: how they came from relative obscurity, to creating one of the most dynamic online internet marketing communities within the space of a couple of years. Jay’s background as a farmer & then car muffler salesman, and Aaron’s as a bouncer -are testimony that anyone with enough desire for change can escape the slavery of modern poverty that so many are becoming increasingly entrapped by.

Did it cost them lots of time and money? You bet. And probably lots of sleepless nights as they broke free from the chains that hold so many back from becoming truly financially independent.

What’s special about their story is that instead of just making themselves wealthy (which they will be quick to tell you would’ve been far less hassle and a lot easier), they decided to form a community where anyone who wants to have the opportunity to do what they have done, can tap into a nurturing training environment which provides an unmatched resource-base alongside teachers who are in the top 1% income bracket online.

Both Jay & Aaron continue to market their business themselves, so they know how things change as the changes happen.

Above all this, they knew that traveling this journey together has made all the difference. Since joining in with what they’ve created, I know exactly what they mean, and exactly what to do to make it happen in my life as I walk with like-minded entrepreneurs into the biggest opportunity in the history of the post-technology age.

As Aaron himself points out: if two teenagers can make a living online, anyone can. It just takes guts and persistance.

If you’ve got the guts and a vision for life that is bigger than you, click on the image below & signup to find out what Jay & Aaron have created.


Click on the Image Above to Find out How Jay & Aaron have helped change thousands of lives


What should you do to avoid the slide into poverty through forced redundancy?

How will you manage your debt when your income looks set to become uncertain?

These and many other questions are undoubtedly being asked by many people today across the United Kingdom, as the official figures released by the government  show how fragile and unstable our current economic model has become in the face of the global economic metropolis that we are now all part of.

The biggest question each one of us needs to answer is: what will I do to avoid the increasing likelihood of long term poverty, the likes of which we haven’t known since the 1940’s and 1950’s?

The only viable answer, as I’ve previously blogged, is to become financially independent through entrepreneurship. The illusion of a guaranteed job for life was shattered a long time ago, but now we are faced with the distinct possibility of there being no real jobs of any economic value for many of us.

What are you doing about this dilemma?

If you don’t have a plan B yet, get one now.


Educator, Entrepreneur & Astronomy Buff

Many thanks for dropping by. This Marketing Blog is for anyone looking for information about effective internet marketing, internet business skills development, and understanding how a turn-key internet marketing business can operate un-affected by the global economic instability we currently face.

If you’re a serious entrepreneur who wants to make a difference to their family or society around them, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re just looking on how to make money with little or no effort, you’d best go back on the internet now and get duped by get-rich-quick Google Ads.

Yes, you can become financially independent, within 12-18 months if you really want to, but it won’t be without effort.

Having cleared that out of the way, I want to encourage you to do your due diligence, and research the options that are best for you.

This is a marketing blog, about internet marketing, about the business I run.

If, on the other hand, you want to find out what’s going on inside my head, click here.

Best regards,


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If you’ve started out in a home-based business, chances are that you may have come across an ad on the internet, or perhaps you were prospected by a family member or friend.

So, you sign up to an MLM or Network Marketing opportunity. You go on some training which encourages you to call friends & family, make a list of people who might be intersted in the company or business that you’re involved with.

And so on.

Don’t get me wrong – these strategies do work. There are many people I know in the MLM industry where I live here in the UK who make it work very well.

The issue is: as a methodology for marketing, they only work for some people. What do I mean by this?

Well, many (myself included) started out with a Network Marketing company with the idea that there would be alot of interest amongst the people we know.

The main issue though, is that we weren’t necessarily given the understanding of the difference between marketing and advertising.

Even today, many MLM marketing strategies are much more advertising than marketing.

Let me explain the difference.

Advertising is a vehicle through which marketing operates. But effective marketing runs deeper than this.

Marketing is much more to do with connecting people with products at a deep, even subconscious level.

If you’ve read any books on this, you’ll understand what I mean.

If you’ve been involved in any kind of business, offline or online, you’ll know full well that people connect with products at a primarily emotional level.

Even though I know this, I still operate in this way. Except the difference now is that I’ve learned where my pause button is.

Ok, let’s get back on track: I’ve said that there is a difference between advertising & marketing, and that in many traditional MLM opportunities, there is no clear distinction between the two.

Even if there is, the training may well remain with the mechanics or processes of marketing. The needed emphasis of marketing principles – why people do what they do – is often lacking.

Any business though, needs to find its voice in the cacophony of possibilities that shout so loudly. This is one reason among many why so many businesses fail, and why so many network marketers give up.

Without an effective marketing strategy and on-going training that is built into a marketing framework, the average home business owner is doomed to failure.

If you want the best chances of success, you need to a turnkey marketing & training system that takes care of this huge barrier to entry for many would-be home business owners.

Here’s one that I’ve found that really works:


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Notes from a Business Trainee

These notes are transcripts and personal additions that I’ve added, taken from the daily Wake-up Conference calls.

I’ll be quick to admit that I’m on my own path to achieving these characteristics, and that I don’t consider myself to have mastered them all in my own life or business.

Integrity & Honesty

Do what you say your going to do by when you say you’re going to do it,

This isn’t easy.

We all struggle to attain this, but the more you can aim for this in what you do in your personal and professional life, the more people around you will trust you, and be willing to hear what you have to say.

Integrity is the onion-layer that should you find underneath honesty in your role as a leader, as a person in your own right. It’s not enough to be honest as such. There needs to be a consistency of character in who you are as person for people to really be able to trust you.

This requires humility – something I’ll talk about in a minute. But before I do, I want to talk about an internal characteristic which you might call one of the primary engines of living: having a purpose.

A Purpose-driven life

If you’re goal in life is just to become wealthy, you’ll find life at the top of that particular ladder very lonely.

If, on the other hand, you seek to find a purpose which serves the interests of those around you in some clearly defined way, you will be far more likely to gain a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from giving to others what they can’t get on their own.

What if you haven’t found a purpose?

If you’re in this position, you need to start thinking about this now. You won’t achieve greatness in your life by simply stumbling along. Having higher goals in life, that go beyond your material comfort, are what will help you to keep going. If you’re reading this page, you’re here because you want to know about successful leadership. It would be a good guess to suggest you might already be a leader in some way, then.

What I’m talking about here is the need to aim for a higher vision of life so that when internal struggles and external adversity comes your way, you will be able to creatively work through them and learn the lessons which fan into flame your ultimate goals.

If you don’t have any such goals, or purpose, you won’t stay the course.

More importantly, if you desire to inspire in others a sense of their own purpose, they will look to you without question. Leadership, then, depends not just on integrity but also your ability to gain a higher purpose for your own life and for those around you. Just think of leaders you know who have modelled this, and you’ll soon understand what I mean.


  • in team-work
  • in being honest with your mistakes: own your mistakes. Mistakes happen.

This has nothing to do with flaws in your character as such. In your pursuit of aiming for higher goals in life, you’ll not be able to do everything. You shouldn’t aim for this. You will make mistakes – this is part of life. Another perspective on what mistakes are is this:

A mistake is merely your attempt to do something you haven’t yet mastered.

People sometimes confuse a mistake with a character flaw, or weakness – but it’s obvious, in the light of the above definition that they aren’t the same. As soon as you’re able to distinguish between mistakes and character flaws, you’re heading in the right direction to becoming a true leader.

As you rise in leadership, your mistakes will become more transparent to you and others around you, so humility in the face of them is ever-more important.If you’re a leader and you think can impose the direction your team will go, you’re in for a painful ride. Openness to others is a key component of mutual trust and you can’t build trust if you’re not willing to listen to those around you.

It’s true that it’s humbling to admit to mistakes, but as soon as you do, those around you will trust you with theirs. More importantly, you’ll be able to help one another in those areas of life where you know you have weaknesses. This isn’t new: it’s one of the bases of any successful community or team.

Humility, then, is a strong foundation for commitment amongst your team, and your commitment to them.

Know how to express sincere appreciation for your team. Where would you be without them? The head is useless without the rest of the body. Honour the members of your team.

What has this got to do with humility? In essence, your acknowledgement of their role gives them significance, it elevates their contribution. If each person in your team is embraced in this way, you won’t need to ask them to play their part. As they see you serve, they’ll serve.

This servant leader-perspective is not new, but it’s the most powerful. There are many examples in history of great leaders who have modeled this to the nth degree.

If you’re based in the US, you might well bring to mind John Wooden, the UCLA championship basketball coach. Now reaching towards his centenary year (he was born in 1910), John Wooden’s inspirational leadership is the direct result of his own study and following of arguably the greatest leader of all time.

Although John Wooden has long since retired from basketball, his influence echoes powerfully on today, as many have struggled to emulate his outstanding model of leadership.

The most satisfying and enjoyable workplaces I’ve been in have all had leaders which have modeled these characteristics in their professional lives. If you want to leave a similar legacy in the way you lead, I highly recommend you aim for these characteristics in your own sphere of leadership, whether that’s in business, or wherever you have that role to play in life.

As a father and teacher by background, these are salutary lessons I know I’m still on the pathway to achieving, but with the help of others in my latest business adventure, I’m confident of being able to achieve them like never before.

If you’d like to find out more about what I’m up to, please click on the links below, in the resources section.


For more information about this new business, click here.

Aaron Parkinson & Jay Kubassek hosting their annual ’10 for 10′ conference in New York City.

What do you Hope to Achieve in Your Life?

Although the above video is all but a small snapshot of motivational training, the Carbon Copy Pro team enable the average business person to become a true entrepreneur. But more than that, they empower anyone who wants to, to find a bigger purpose in life.

It’s not that money isn’t useful – it’s more that it enables things to happen. Whilst this is an obvious point, it’s so often missed by wannabe business owners who are breaking free from an employee mindset. The initial almost euphoric rush associated with having more money than you know what to do with can soon be replaced with concerns that come with being wealthy. Unless you have a bigger purpose.

If you don’t have a bigger purpose – if your goal is merely to replace your employers income, or to have lots of money so you can show how good you are, the wealth will corrode your character, and diminish it.

That’s what Jay & Aaron are most concerned about in the people they are training. The last thing they want is a bunch of people who end up worse that they were before they had financial independence. Carbon Copy Pro is committed to helping people to become more than just financially independent.

They want to inspire people to become leaders who will shape the world for the better.

And it all starts with what inside our heads.

What are you wanting to do with what remains of your life? Do you have as yet unfulfilled goals? Do you have a practical method to fulfill them?

But more than that, are you ready to allow what’s inside your head to be changed? Because without that change, we remain stuck where we are.

If you want to see some things change around you, then maybe you can be part of the solution.

If you’re willing to do what it takes, find out more here.

But please don’t click if you don’t want to see change happen, or you’re just in it for the money. There’s already plenty of money. What the world needs is change-makers. People who are willing to have both eyes fixed on the bigger picture of life.

If you’ve been involved in your own business, offline or online, you’ll know what the title is about.

Dr. Lazarus of Tev'Meck - a deep thinker if there ever was one

Dr. Lazarus of Tev'Meck - a deep thinker if there ever was one

The phrase is forever etched into my mind when it’s mentioned by Sir Alexander Dane (played by Alan Rickman) in the film Galaxy Quest,

Jason Nesmith on the run in Galaxy Quest

Jason Nesmith on the run in Galaxy Quest

when he’s trying to help the main hero of the film (Jason Nesmith) escape a nasty rock monster that’s out to get him:
Sir Alexander Dane: You’re just going to have to figure out what it wants. What is its motivation?

Jason Nesmith: It’s a rock monster.
It doesn’t have any motivation!!

Sir Alexander Dane: See, that’s your problem, Jason. You were never serious about the craft!

Perhaps the take away here is the motivation that drives us to do things.

I for one have had my fair share of excitement at the prospect of suddenly having lots of zeros in my bank account (with other numbers in front, I hasten to add!!!)…but that emotion can wear off quickly.

Especially when I find out what I have to do to get the zeros.

A case in point has been the recent hype surrounding Donald Trump’s new network marketing venture – the real possibility of gaining substantial amounts of money without too much effort, if you started before Mr Trump appeared on Oprah’s show.

I nearly signed up – but my stomach churned when I found out that the idea was to market a range of health pills, and eventually a whole host of other miscellaneous products. It’s not that I don’t believe in preventative medicine or network marketing – I do (& have nearly joined Usana on several occasions).

It’s just that in the case of the Trump Network, it’s not something that motivates me. I don’t want to promote a range of products which I don’t particularly want to use myself.

I am involved in network marketing, as well as internet marketing, and have my eye on one or two other marketing systems (hint: Google ‘GPT’!)….but I know that to really succeed, I have to be motivated.

Interestingly, Timothy Ferriss of The Four Hour Work Week has recently blogged about clearly laying out your worst case scenarios as a way of inoculating yourself againt their all too-often stifling effect of enabling you to fulfill your vision.

And there’s the key here – my motivatation is defined by my vision of what I ultimately want to achieve. It’s not enough to be motivated by money, or to be goaded by goals.

I need to have a deeper sense of where I want to go, and the practical sense to overcome the perceived obstacles that would try & prevent me from even starting.

Galaxy Quest’s rock monster just wanted to be free from the disruptive vibrations created by Jason Nesmith’s presence (honestly – it’s in the outtakes of the DVD!!).

Whilst I don’t possess Dr Lazarus’s powers, I do know that once I’ve figured out what I want, what my core motivations are, I’ll be in a much stronger position to survive the assailing rock monsters in my mind, to be set free.

PS: Yes, I’m a BIG fan of Galaxy Quest 🙂

  • Eban Pagan attributes much of his success down to the fact that he moves the “free line” (ie the proportion of content that he gives away) deep into the territory of content that can genuinely make a massive difference to his viewers, and the above is a typical example of the invaluable advice he gives away.
  • Watch the videos & you’ll understand why he entitles the mini series this way – apart from being very eye-grabbing, it’s a useful way to frame what you might be doing in your business – are you setting things up to make you a hostage of your own success, or will your business set you free?
  • If you’re new to Internet Marketing, you might feel bewildered and confused by the exponentially-growing opportunities that exist, and you may not know where to start. For a limited time, I’m offering a free Internet Marketing Course that I’ll be running in the next few months. If you want to be kept up to date with its release, sign up below.

Yes Please! Let me know when Internet Marketing 101 comes out!