This is pretty big news: you can read the full article in the Search Engine Journal here:

Here are my comments (which you can view here: ) on whether or not there’ll be a similar marriage between Google & Twitter:

Interesting! I wonder if Twitter would allow themselves to be bought out by Google…Twitter is now a massive player in the social media/marketing world in its own right, and so far they’ve resisted requests from the Big G.

Case in point: since Twitter took off in early 2009, I hardly do any active PPC marketing. I’m not saying they’re mutually exclusive..after all, you can get traffic incredibly quickly using PPC with Google (or Bing/Yahoo for that matter).

What I’m trying to say is that Twitter offers an incredibly powerful platform for connecting people together on many levels…something that the Google team might well be very envious of. After all, Google’s primary business model up to now has been to ‘just’ provide information…and that’s only the tip of the iceberg in any social or business context.

This probably explains why Google is launching it’s own social media platform (Google Wave) immanently…

Dez Futak.

Twitter, the new social media sensation of 2009, has, at the time of writing, gone down. Well, there is a website there – but presumaly it’s some marketers who are taking avantage of the dns being off-air for a bit.

Instead of the nice curvy lines of the familiar twitter logo, I saw a bog-standard affiliate mash-up landing page (you know – the ones where you just get loads of links to affiliate offers, but no real content).

Funnily enough, just going back there now (10 mins later), the afiliate mash-up junk has gone, and now the page just hangs. That could be because it’s just off-air for a while…or, dare I suggest, the site might be being DOS/DDOS-ed?

I’d be surprised if that was the case, mind you, because Amazon S3 is very much the cloud computing virtual backplane for twitter….more likely they’ve just pulled it all offair whilst they make the scheduled BIG changes to the whole setup (presumably to implement the new business model etc).

Anyway, if you saw the affiliate mashup junk page, leave a comment below.

I’m just curious to know 🙂

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Whatever next? Pico Blogging????!

Twitter: Hi, I’m up nice & early this morning – time for a jog!

Flutter: Hi, nice morning jog

Pligor: HNMJ!

Pligor stands for Pico Blogging. There’s no ‘B’ because that would make it too long. I just made that up, in case you didn’t realize. HNSTLY!

By the way, I’ve come across a great Twitter tool, called, wait for it, Humming Bird Pro!! Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction. But anyway, HummingBird Pro looks like a great management tool to not only save you time, but it puts Twitter on marketing steroids.

I know alot of people really get irritated by others pitching them on Twitter – and it’s a fine balance to achieve, between being friendly & letting others know what you’re up to, and just talking at people. Whilst HummingBird Pro won’t make any difference in that respect, it does answer a call amongst many marketers to help them use Twitter to the best effect, without taking over your life (any Facebook addicts around?!).

Have a look at HummingBird Pro – and let me know if you end up using it.

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