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Don’t get me wrong – making money on the internet can be a big challenge (as my family knows all too well!).

Over the last two years since discovering the leverage the internet can offer business, I’ve mainly been focussing on two distinct ways of generating income:

– helping small businesses get online

-learning the skills of internet marketing to gain money for my own business.

It’s the latter which promises the most leverage. Of course, if the whole economy was based online, traditional “brick & mortar” business would collapse through lack of custom. And in many cases, face-to-face transactions are still far better than their online equivalents.

What the internet is currently offering literally millions of people is a million ways to earn a very decent living, without being tied down to a traditional employee/employer relationship and all the hassle and poor pay that is invariably commenplace across so many sectors.

Plus, if you become very successful at what you can do, you can decide how you want to spend your time, and with whom.  And reading the menu from left to right becomes a luxery few can afford in such uncertain times.

In my case, the great allure is to be able to organise my life around my children, rather than the other way around.

In fact, I’ll be bold enough to say that I’m not interested in the million bits of paper one iota. I don’t want the million bits of paper (or their equivalent in my bank account).

What I really want is to be able to make a difference in the world. To be able to help fulfill the dreams of others, my children included.

I believe we only have one life. I want to make the most of it. To bring something of eternity’s breath into our frail but beautiful world.

How about you? Tell me your dreams & realizations below.

Dan Zarella from Hubspot recently presented a superb study he has completed on the Science of ReTweets, and how they can be usefully be applied in a marketing context. He gathered data from over 100,000,000 (yes, that really is 100 million!) tweets and found some interesting and startling patterns.

What follows is a pithy summary of his webinar – if you are busy, you can access his slides at the end of this article.

So, what is the Science of ReTweets, and why is it so important to know about it from a marketing perspective?

The simple answer is this: if you know how to maximize the reTweeting of your posts, then your message is far more likely to reach the widest possible audience. Dan is a marketer himself, however, and he shares more in the webinar about how you can take advantage of the knowledge he has gained to turn such a process into the raving fans your business needs as its lifeblood.

What follows  are some highlights from Dan’s webinar – but I highly recommend that you watch the webinar in full if you want to take things further, as I’m just giving you some of the cream of what Dan shared – and you should grab the milk as well, for a more complete “diet”.

I deliberately haven’t reproduced all 28 findings, as that wouldn’t be fair on Dan’s hard work, or HubSpot, who had to pay significantly to get this data.  Instead, you should watch the webinar, or at least look at the slides below.

Finally, when you’ve done that, I highly recommend that you download HubSpot’s free guide here: The Twitter for Business Marketing Kit. (That’s not an affiliate link by the way, though I really ought to become an affiliate, as they are a terrific company).

1) What is The Most ReTweeted Time?

3-7pm EST, with a peak at around 5pm EST.

2) Which is the most Re-Tweet Day?

Friday afternoons.

3) What is the Best Type of Content to ReTweet?


4) What is the Most Popular URL Shortner?

5) What are the 10 Most ReTweeted Words?

  1. you
  2. twitter
  3. please
  4. retweet
  5. post
  6. blog
  7. social
  8. free
  9. media
  10. help

(Dan produced data on the top 20 – you’ll have to flick through the slides below to see the rest!).

Top-Tips Summary of things you can do to encourage ReTweets

(you can read the original article here).

  • Run a contest If you have some sort of contest or incentive, you can help stimulate more retweets.
  • Use words like “Pls RT”, “Please RT” or “Please ReTweet” in your original tweet.
  • Tweet about Twitter Yes, this still works.
  • Include a Link. ReTweets contain links far more often than Tweets in general.
  • Create value, don’t chit chat.
  • Tweet headlines. Headline-type language seems to be ReTweeted more often.
  • Post in the afternoon.
  • Post on Fridays.
  • Dan Zarella’s webinar in slide format:


    So What’s The 10 for 10 All About?

    In essence, it’s about networking, masterminding, building certainty, expectancy, vision, passion, and most of all, hope.

    Company directors Jay Kubassek & Aaron Parkinson come from humble beginnings, and they both recognise how important it is for any budding entrepreneur to see it actually working, for real.

    In fact, all of the speakers you see in the above video have been through the hedge backwards to get to where they are now. They know the sleepless nights, the debt, the doubts, the fears.

    But instead of being paralysed by the oncoming headlights from the freight train, they took action. They knew it wouldn’t be easy.

    They knew it would cost them time, energy, effort and pain, to get where they are today.

    But what kept them going, beyond anything, was a rock-solid belief in themsleves and the vision that they were, and still are reaching for today.

    If you believe Jay & Aaron do this to make themselves richer, then perhaps you don’t yet understand the power of giving.

    The Carbon Copy PRO community has been infected by the giving virus. Members at every level understand the power and release that comes from helping others to improve their lives, and that’s what the 10 for 10 is all about.

    If you’re a struggling online marketer, or perhaps from a network marketing or home-based business background, then you will no doubt identify with, and possibly espouse similar values.

    What makes Carbon Copy PRO unique in the field of the internet marketing world, is that the training, mindset and leadership development equips any entrepreneur with the right skills to make their business, and life, a success.

    Want to know More?

    Fill in the box above or opposite to find out more from Jay Jubassek, and I’ll get in contact with you too to answer any questions you might have.

    Make no mistake, Carbon Copy PRO is the premier marketing training platform for any online business, and that’s not just sales hype.



    For anyone that’s been around for a while, you have almost certainly heard of the legendary rise of Gary Vaynerchuk. If not, just use or even better –

    Gary definitely has what I call SIX APPEAL.

    So, what is Six Appeal, and why would you want it?

    Well, here it is in a nutshell:

    Six Essential Qualities That Are Guaranteed to Get Others to Follow You And Buy Your Stuff.

    So, what are these six essential qualities?

    You know the first three:

    • Know you
    • Like you
    • Trust you

    It’s almost become a mantra that personal branding mentors, network marketers and home business owners soothingly send themselves to sleep with every night, and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning.

    Seriously a minute: we all know there is nothing new in the KLT formula above. It’s not new to the world of direct sales or marketing. It’s fundamental to the way societies hold together: everyone wants to be known, liked and trusted, and/or be part of a community which reflects and shares those values.

    What about the other three keys to Six Appeal?

    As usual, someone (OK, it was me) always likes to come up with a simple "It’s as easy as A,B,C" system to help you remember this sort of thing, so here it is:

    People want to follow others who are:

    • Able
    • Bold
    • Clever

    Now before you shoot me down here, let me qualify where I’m going:

    Able – someone who has a high degree of skill or experience in a particular field, in other words an expert. Gary clearly knew a lot about wine when he launched his web-business. Score 1.

    Bold – someone who is not afraid to take risks and try things others have never done before. was an unheard of and untried phenomenon before Gary got there. Score 2.

    Clever – someone who is able to creatively put together ideas and thoughts to make something new, brilliant, or incredibly useful. Or some combination of all of those, or more. Score 3 Gary.


    So, by my definition, Gary Vaynerchuk scores 6/6. So he DEFINITELY has Six Appeal.

    Hey – but what if you don’t like him? Well, not everybody like his raw language. But that’s who he is. Raw. Uncut. Not afraid. Gary. Himself.

    So, if you’re an aspiring entrepreneur who is trying to carve out a niche, gain a following, become a leader in your own right, take a leaf ouf of ‘s founder.

    Don’t just be liked, known and trusted. Add the other three ingredients to the mix, because when you have something of great value to others, you’ll have the A, B, C as well as the K, L, T.

    Right, I’m off to study Hungarian basket weaving like nobody has ever done it before. <joke>.



    Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age – Session III. New Learning Designs

    Breakthrough Learning in a Digital Age – Session IV: Teachers for a Digital Age

    Summary of Videos

    • The technology of 2010 provides all of us with the ability to learn in a way that has never previously been possible
    • Schools need to become part of an inter-connected network of learning that is seen as a seemless whole
    • Early language development is one of the keys to undergird any significant shift forward in facilitating this interconnectivity
    • There is a systemic friction between the innovative use that many teachers want to use in the classroom, and the pressures they feel to comply with externally-imposed, and sometimes anachronistic validation
    • Schools in their current set-up cannot expect to survive much longer in the current ‘airplane’ mode of learning (ie all face the front, listen to the annoucements, switch off your digital media..the plane is about to take off, driven by the sage on the stage) and at the same time produce the kind of flexible, adaptive and inter-connected citizens for the Twety First century
    • Governments must change the way they validate activity in schools (effectively assessing innovation and creativity, collaboration, inter-dependence for example).

    More information on the videos

    Well, I’ve taken the plunge and got a copy of the developer version of the Thesis Theme for WordPress. I must say, it’s enormously flexible, and, at last, I can customize how WordPress looks in its design, without having to worry about spending lots of time debugging php code. Yippeee! I should add, that Thesis is more than just a theme – it’s actually a theme framework – so it has many powerful features that, as yet, I’m only scratching the surface of. Check out the Thesis Video here FFI. I’ll post a video about my discoveries as I get to grips with the rich feature set.

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    Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
    Image via CrunchBase
    • Google Wave is like your own customizable mashup of several different communications technologies.
    • Think of it as a combination of:
      • wiki+Facebook+IM+Twitter+Flickr+Live Blogging
    • It will MASSIVELY speed up the way we can network with other people, create collaborative work and share our lives
    • Google Wave is open source, which means its development will be super-quick and new twists & turns to what it is & becomes will be up to all of us.
    • Set to be released sometime in Summer 2009.
    • If you’re involved in any kind of web presence for your business or social networking, and you don’t get involved, you’ll kick yourself.
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    Twitter, the new social media sensation of 2009, has, at the time of writing, gone down. Well, there is a website there – but presumaly it’s some marketers who are taking avantage of the dns being off-air for a bit.

    Instead of the nice curvy lines of the familiar twitter logo, I saw a bog-standard affiliate mash-up landing page (you know – the ones where you just get loads of links to affiliate offers, but no real content).

    Funnily enough, just going back there now (10 mins later), the afiliate mash-up junk has gone, and now the page just hangs. That could be because it’s just off-air for a while…or, dare I suggest, the site might be being DOS/DDOS-ed?

    I’d be surprised if that was the case, mind you, because Amazon S3 is very much the cloud computing virtual backplane for twitter….more likely they’ve just pulled it all offair whilst they make the scheduled BIG changes to the whole setup (presumably to implement the new business model etc).

    Anyway, if you saw the affiliate mashup junk page, leave a comment below.

    I’m just curious to know 🙂

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    I love being an early adopter where I can; the trouble is, it usually means more work.

    Take today, for example: A student at my school wanted to interview me for the Leaver’s Year Book.

    So, I had a great idea: why not record the interview, and then use some mp3 -> speech software to write the text rather than having to transcribe it.

    In my Googling, I found this amazing service called SpinVox.

    The idea is that you record your blog as speech via a phone number, and then SpinVox automatically changes it into text.

    There’s obviously got to be a cost to this – and that’s perfectly reasonable, as it’s an amazing idea. Think of the possibilities for three-way phone calls, and so on.

    How does it cope in practice?

    Here’s my first result:

    “Well this is the first lot entry. I’ve done via my mobile phone. I’m actually speaking it rather than writing it. Using an application called SpinVox. So let’s see how it does.”

    It should’ve read:

    “Well this is the first blog entry I’ve done via my mobile phone. I’m actually speaking it rather than writing it. Using an application called SpinVox. So let’s see how it does.”

    HOW’S THAT?!!!!!

    Bear in mind I was in a building with thick walls & the signal wasn’t brilliant (3 orange bars at best rather than green bars in terms of signal strength).

    So, will I be using it to do blogs? You BET I will!

    Give it a try & let me know how you get on.

    PS: If anyone can get it to integrate with their (self-hosted) WordPress blog successfully, let me know, as I have some unresolved technical issues with the remote publishing backend that comes with WordPress (& I also tried some plugins which allow for remote blogging via email, but none worked 🙁 ).

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