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AND gain an Internet Marketing Education, An Online Marketing System, An Affiliate Program, and the Opportunity to Earn Direct Sales Commissions of $800 to $10000 Per Sale–All in One Company

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What you Gain with CarbonCopyPRO

  • Access to continuously updated, cutting-edge Internet marketing training via written tutorials, videos, teleconferences, and webinars.

  • A web-based online marketing system, which you control via your Virtual Office. A list of the numerous features supplied by this system is below.

  • $20 affiliate commission for every application you receive, $30 per month for every team member you mentor, and $150 for every Black BOX you sell.

  • The opportunity to market high-quality products from a leading direct sales company and earn commissions of $800 to $10000 per sale. (Not a requirement, but many CarbonCopyPro members do choose to market their products)

  • The opportunity to sell products or services from other companies and/or your own products using CCPro’s state-of-the-art online marketing platform.

  • We have members in over 160 countries speaking over 40 language. In fact, over 50% of our new members live outside of North America. If you can read and speak at least some English, this program is for you!

  • Pre-configured and totally customizable Landing Pages (websites) that can be translated into over 40 languages with a click of a single button.
  • Tutorials and training material available in a several major languages,
  • Access to on-going training from Internet Marketers who are in the top 1% of the industry
  • Sales Funnels with a refundable paid application process (which you get a commission on if the applicant is successful) to weed out "just looking" window-shoppers. This automatically excludes 98% of those who are not serious about dong what it takes to become an online marketer. Read more about why we require a paid application here. 

Online Marketing System Features (a partial list)

  • Over 20 professionally designed and rigorously tested landing pages
  • Lead tracking
  • Financial accounting
  • Autoresponder (with dozens of professionally-written email messages)
  • Daily mindset and leadership training calls
  • Daily marketing training calls
  • Weekly Marketing training calls (2-4 hours per week)
  • Comprehensive video, audio & written tutorials on a wide variety of marketing and ‘mindset’ and leadership topics
  • Pre-designed banner advertising with automatically generated HTML code depending on the banner you select and the tracking you wish to employ
  • Very active support forum
  • Ability to create your own landing pages, either using templates or “from scratch”, which are hosted free by Carbon Copy PRO.
  • Search Engine Optimization – Member-generated META tags and landing page customization allow for relatively easy SEO
  • Integrate your own merchant account payment buttons directly onto the appropriate CarbonCopyPRO pages.
  • Track team members’ success so that you can acknowledge them accordingly. You even receive a text message when your team members make their first sale so you can congratulate them straight away!
  • Choose from a number of professionally designed header graphics for your landing pages.
  • Easy copy-and-paste installation of Google, Yahoo, and MSN tracking codes with clear, easy-to-understand directions.
  • Automatic text notification whenever you receive an application so that you can contact your applicant and welcome them right away.
  • A Call Center who immediately contact your new applicants, welcoming them and providing them with directions on how to get started.
  • Business Coaches who contact your applicants a few days later to see if they have any questions and to help you close the sale.

(Note: That is not an exhaustive list.)

Ready to Begin? Submit Your CarbonCopyPRO Application Now ==>

Advantages of CarbonCopyPro Membership

One of our members compiled this list of advantages of being a CarbonCopyPRO member:

Here are some of the features and benefits of CCPro:

    • Your prospects automatically receive an email acknowledgment right away when they submit their name and email to enter the site. They are encouraged to read through an information page and then move on to the application page.

    • The $39.95 application fee helps to weed out "window shoppers" so that almost all the applicants are serious about Internet marketing education, applying online marketing to their business, and, if they don’t already have a business, launching a lucrative home-based business.

    • When a serious entrepreneur applies to join our CCPro team, one of our Business Coaches calls informing your prospect if their application was approved and, if so, inviting them to a private conference call.

    • Your prospect will continue to receive professionally written emails sent out automatically on your behalf.

    • You can, if you wish, also call your prospect to welcome them to CCPro. But if you are uncomfortable making phone calls the system gives you the option to not call. (In the meantime, we have a training call designed to help you overcome that fear and become more comfortable talking about your business).

    • A Business Coach will call your prospect to make sure they have reviewed all the information sent to them and answer any questions. Business coaches are experienced sales pros who will inform and encourage–but not pressure–your prospects on your behalf.

    • You earn a $20 commission for every $39.95 application you receive.

    • When someone joins your team and opts to use the CCPro system (and who wouldn’t?), you earn another $30 commission, paid out every month they are a member.

    • In addition to teaching you how to generate your own leads, we also continually research and test lead generation programs such as advertising co-ops, joint ventures with professional lead generation companies, and direct mail campaigns. 

      Ready to Begin? Submit Your CarbonCopyPRO Application Now ==>

    • We offer several training calls every week teaching you the principles of successful Internet marketing, communications skills, lead generation, "mindset," and much more.

    • In addition to your sponsor and all the training calls, we also have a very active CCPro Forum (discussion board) where you can ask questions, read other members’ tips, and receive support!

The best way to understand the power of the CCPro Internet marketing education and marketing system is to go through the system yourself. Click here to submit a form to request more information and experience the system in action!

Take notes as you read the website and listen to Jay Kubassek’s video presentation on the second page, which you will receive after you submit your name and email address.

Listen and read for yourself but also to grasp how this system effectively attracts high quality people with the desire and determination to succeed.

Become a Member of CarbonCopyPRO

    • Read through all the information about the program

    • Read the automatic follow-up emails that you will receive (again, read them for yourself but also to see how the system works)

    • Receive the email letting you know if your application was accepted (answer the questions honestly and sincerely and it shouldn’t be a problem–although some applications are rejected, usually because they are so cursory that it’s clear the individual is not serious about success)

  • Join the private "Business Overview" conference call for CCPro applicants and ask questions not already answered on the website.

  • Call the special toll-free number for applicants if you have any questions after the conference call that you didn’t get a chance to ask or that occurred to you later.

  • When you have completed your due diligence research, make a decision whether to this is the program for you or not. If you decide to join, sign up for your own CCPro system and start to create the lifestyle you want for you and your loved ones!



Here are some additional resources for you to review if you desire more information:

CCPro FAQ – Updates and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Co-Owner Jay Kubassek provides extensive detail about the CarbonCopyPRO business.

From Dez Futak

Dez Futak BSc

How I Help My Team:

1. I am available via phone, IM (instant messenger), and email for questions and advice. As long as you are taking advantage of all our training resources, I will fill in the gaps and answer your questions. 

2. As a web developer and hosting provider, if a new team member needs help with setting up their own website, I can provide webhosting, blog installation & other services at a heavily discounted price (typically  a $197 fee instead of $997, depending on exact requirements).

3. If you are on a low budget, I can advise you with the best free and low cost techniques to begin to get leads into your own marketing funnel.

4. If you have a significant marketing budget ($500+/month), and you require help setting up a  Google Adwords account, I offer this service for free to new team members, along with on-going help regarding keyword research and analysis of your  campaigns. I can also provide personal advice on Landing Page Quality Score and search engine optimization techniques that I know work from experience.

5. I conduct a weekly Team Support and Mastermind Call for my team members during which you can ask questions and share insights with other members. Calls are recorded if you are not able to participate live.

As you can tell, you have an abundance of support and resources available to you if you join CCPro with me.

If you think you might want to join my team, the first step is to Submit a CCPro Application.

If you are not ready to submit an application yet, I encourage you to add yourself to my CCPro information list (you can take yourself off my list with an easy, hassle-free, one-click unsubscribe link at any time). I include a link to my application page in the occasional emails I send you. That way, if you do decide to apply, you will be able to easily join my team and receive all the great support I offer.

I explain in further detail here why it’s so important to at least sign up for my CCPro information list.

Whatever you decide, I wish you all the best in your online business endeavors!

Best regards,


Dez Futak BSc
Phone: UK: 44-117-911-8535 USA: 1-866-828-7100
Skype: dezfutak
GTalk: dezfutak
Email: meetdez at gmail dot com
Post: Suite 766, Office 6, Slington House, Rankine Road, Basingtoke RG24 8PH United Kingdom


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