Find out how a former Builder and Hairdresser quit their 300 hours per month jobs to become financially independent

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Discover what Graham & Karen did to change theirs

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6:30-7:30pm & 8-9pm Wednesday 21st February


The Bristol Golf Club, Blackhorse Hill, Almondsbury, Bristol BS10 7TP

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Find out how a former Builder and Hairdresser quit their 300 hours per month jobs to become financially independent


6 years ago, Graham & Karen were struggling financially & emotionally. Graham’s building business & personal life was crumbling under the burden of trying to make his self-employed work as a builder pay. Both Graham & Karen were working all hours just to keep their necks above water, but things only seemed to get worse, and they didn’t have a solution.

A friend of theirs told them about a UK PLC (that is now in its 21st year of successful operation) that was looking to help.

Although both were uncertain that anything could help, they followed the company’s training and applied themselves, and as a result have genuinely found something that pulled them out of an impossible situatuion

Today their lives are radically different – they not only have no financial worries, as what they have discovered has brought financial independence, but it has also freed up their time, for family, but also for the many people that they are now helping to do the same.

Come and find out about the company that they are working with, and discover how there still is a genuine and ethical opportunity to help others free themselves from debt and financial struggle.

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There is no such thing as a safe secure job for life anymore , Safe is now classed as the new risky , the old rules have changed , most people will be made redundant several times during their career , there is an old Arabic saying: “Don’t wait until you are thirsty to start digging your well.”

 If you are open to start digging your well on a part time basis then we would like to speak to you .

 We help individuals start up a business from home, initially alongside what they currently do, we show them how to transition out of conventional employment if they wish , it is a statistical fact is that 80 % of people would prefer to work for themselves instead of a boss, however they haven’t got either the funds, or the mindset, or the skills or the confidence, or a product or service to offer to the market place.

 We look forward to speak to you.

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