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Love is…


Love is...Picture this: I’m beavering my way through a big to-do list in one of my businesses, and my gorgeous wife comes and asks me to:

  • pull up the floorboards so we can have a look to see where the damp is coming from that’s obviously cascading down our breakfast room wall…

Now the thing is, this has been on my to-do list for some while (OK, let’s be honest – well over a month [or is it 2?]). So it’s not exactly a sudden request – more a gentle reminder to have a look, as the damp continues to spread and might be caused by a pipe leaking somewhere.

So, I down keyboard & mouse, and pick up weapons of mass "Destruction In Yourhouse" (DIY)… screwdriver, hammer etc – which my wife has found in the shed that she tidied up by the way 🙂

And, I bang, bash & prod the floorboards until they reveal the dark secrets hiding underneath.

Why is this worthy of a blog post, you might well be asking?

Well, for many of us around the world, 14th February marks a special celebration, and here I am a day after the DIY, on this day-of-love.

As a bit of fun, I’d like you to add your comments below, giving your pithy & hopefully humorous contribution to your definition of love.

I’ll start the ball rolling:

Love is…


…doing what troubles your partner asks, even when it’s not troubling you

or (slightly better version as it’s specific):

…pulling up the floorboards on a busy Saturday because your partner is bothered by the damp patch on the wall below, and it’s been on your to-do list for too long already.

Now your turn!

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Dez Futak