Online Marketing Training for Home Business Owners

Online Marketing Training for Home Business Owners

–>Calling all Home-based business owners

Are you sick of calling leads, pitching strangers with your business opportunity, making lists of friends and family and applying the three foot rule to everyone you meet?

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If you've been involved in a home-business opportunity for a while (and I was marketing in the above ways for around 9 months before I quit using such old-school techniques), you'll know how ineffective, annoying and tiring it is to be constantly pitching everyone you meet with your opportunity.

You and I both know that the vast majority of people aren't interested, and it's a sure-fire way to lose friends who once respected you.

So what's the solution in the fast-paced, attention-limited online world of the twenty first century?

Well, it's obvious that most people who are looking for information about a product or service don't hang around street corners waiting for someone to market to them, and neither do they gleefully follow-through on the mountain of junk emails (or flyers posted through their door).

Instead, we all search on the net.

So why aren't home-based business owners out there on the net as well, along with the big boys?

Well, the truth is, they are. A lot of them.

What about you?

If you're like me when I fist stumbled across online marketing, you've experienced being overwhelmed by the number of ways to market. You may have tried one or two methods for a while, and then either gave up because they didn't work, or stopped because you ran out of budget.

But what if I could point you to a bang uptodate, online internet marketing training platform and marketing system that works for any home-based or network marketing business?

What if there was such a platform that could teach you how to effectively market your product or service online?

What if it could help you gain the marketing education you need and at the same time help you to develop yourself into a leader in your current home business?

Enough what-ifs. You know where I'm heading here.

Here is a short summary of the training I have access to, 24/7, wherever I am:

  • Search Engine Optimization training
  • Personal Branding techniques and strategies from six and seven figure earners
  • On-going personal development
  • Access to wiki-based and daily-updated tips and tricks from seasoned online marketers
  • Effective Forum Marketing
  • Article Marketing
  • Video Marketing – what to do and what to avoid!
  • How & when to use Press Releases
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Classified Ads – Online And Offline
  • Pay-Per-Click Advertising and effective keyword research for both the search and content networks (and how to avoid the dreaded "Google slap")
  • Banner Advertising – top tips on making the most out of your banners
  • Direct Mail Marketing – yes, this still works!

The above list is by no means exhaustive, but I've included some of the highlights that have made a massive difference to the way I now market online.

These are all proven, “solid” marketing methods. Don't buy leads, hits to your website, or use the type of viral marketing "you-look-at-my-website-and-I’ll-look-at-yours”. At best, these techniques will attract poor quality leads and burn a big whole in your pocket. And if you have a website, it will very likely be sand-boxed by Google before you can say the word 'Slap'.

If you’d like further information about the online marketing training that I use for my both primary business and in several niches that I work in, fill in the box above right now. Don't carry on wearing out your voice and your shoes with offline annoyance marketing. Yes it works, but at a high price to your integrity and relationships. And that's not a price you should be willing to pay if your business relies on networking.

Dez Futak