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Playing The Game to Win

I’m writing this less than an hour after England won against Slovenia in the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

So, how did England do?

The short answer is: it doesn’t matter, because they won.

Now, I know all you footie fans out there who are serious about the game (I admit, I’m not particularly), will have something to say with what I’ve just written.

After all, it’s how you show up in the game that counts too. I watched England play on a big screen (3 big screen as it happens!) in a Bristol church. The atmosphere was pretty electric.

England played a great game. They were professional, competitive, seized opportunities whenever and wherever they could, and weren’t phazed by Slovenia’s offensive rushes. (OK, if you’re a *real* football fan, I know you might disagree, but that’s OK 😛 )

In essense, they didn’t just play a good game, they played to win.

Winning the game is what it’s all about for them.

And we all shook the roof of the church building good and proper when they scored.

We didn’t need to for their sakes; the England team were too far way.

But we cheered because we became part of the winning side.

FOr the England side, winning isn’t about scoring goals, it’s so much about playing your game in a peak state, so that the magic happens.

And we all cheered because that’s what we want for our lives.

But I bet there were some people in that building who have let go of that dream of the magic happening for them.

I bet some people were cheering vicariously.

So you and I have a choice. We can live just to cheer on the winning team. Or we can become winners.

All the players have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of this game. It’s not just something they do anymore. It’s who they are. Playing the game to win has become part of them, inseparably.

But the twist in the tail is that it’s just a game.

So, is life the same?

In a real sense it is.

We are born. We dream of accomplishing something of significance for our lives. Some of us fulfill that dream. We realise our desire.

What about you – how do you play this game of life? What does it mean to you? Are you playing to win? Add your comment below.

Dez Futak