PPC Dynamite Review

Main Features:

  • Searches for the most popular keywords people type in on eBay – and selects the variations of your choice. You know INSTANTLY what to promote –  Just choose a merchant with the biggest commissions

  • Keyword variations and transformations generator – this thing alone can get you in front of your competition

  • Creates Ad Groups for Google, MSN and Yahoo, in SECONDS

  • Lets you create similar Ad Groups by replacing your chosen keywords

  • Advanced ad generator – no longer you have to create many different ads to test them! Just create a couple of headlines, an ad text, ad you`re good to go!

  • Customizeable interface

  • … and MUCH, MUCH MORE

It is really a very complete software to get your ads running in a few minutes. Really easy to navigate compared to other similar tools, and so, so powerful.

Dez Futak