No Need to Preach to the Converted…

%CODE1% The message of the above video is surely that with the advent of the MIT (Media Interwoven Trio) of Facebook, YouTube & Twitter (not fogetting the hundreds of socialbookmarking sites!!), there has never been a time in history when the people of the planet are so inextricably interconnected. Socialnomicsaff link, subtitled " How social… Continue reading No Need to Preach to the Converted…

Google Fiber – "Embrace and Extend"?

If you’ve been hanging around the IT world for a while, you might know that at one point (and maybe they still do), Microsoft adopted the policy of "embrace and extend". Translation: take what others are doing, and make it waaaay better. Often this involves buying companies (and I’m not going to "Microsoft bash" in… Continue reading Google Fiber – "Embrace and Extend"?

So What Does Google Do Now??

    Google is in a tricky place at the moment – some would say a rock & hard place, perhaps. China, on the other hand, has all aces on the table, making it clear that it reckons it has the superior hand. Maybe Google forgot some incredibly important things about the Tiger: it has… Continue reading So What Does Google Do Now??

Where Has All The Money Gone?

Back in October 2008, I remember listening in to a call with guest speaker Robert Kiyosaki, who as early as 2002 had seen the writing on the economic wall. He warned of a global economic downturn so substantial – a new Global Depression, that traditional economies would not recover for many years to come. Just… Continue reading Where Has All The Money Gone?

Work on your own? No way!

[flv: 480 360] The story of Jay Kubassek & Aaron Parkinson is one worth knowing: how they came from relative obscurity, to creating one of the most dynamic online internet marketing communities within the space of a couple of years. Jay’s background as a farmer & then car muffler salesman, and Aaron’s as a bouncer -are… Continue reading Work on your own? No way!

Robert Kiyosaki on The CashFlow Quadrant

Back in October of last year I posted an article about Robert Kiyosaki, and his recommendations for surviving the global economic recession: “He believes that this is actually a time more serious than just a recession: a global depression is on its way, and we’re all going to have to face some very stark choices.… Continue reading Robert Kiyosaki on The CashFlow Quadrant