Credit: http://sxc.huThere are many things we cannot control in life (pause for 20 seconds if you want to think of some examples!).

But what about the things we can control? What should we do about those…?

Here’s my top 3 list of things you should be regularly watching the dials:

  • Mindset
  • Consistent Action
  • Your Network of Influencers

Mindset: Make sure you regularly (as in a 30 minute daily dose – minimum) of encouraging & upbuilding wisdom from others who have learned how important it is to develop your mind and mature in attitudes. Haven’t got time? Ditch your TV. Listen to Anthony Robbins on your iPod instead of music whilst you exercise. Get up 30 minutes earlier, or go to bed 30 minutes earlier. Do whatever it takes to make the difference in your thinking.

Consistent Action: This is the single-most biggest secret of success that any successful entrepreneur has mastered. Most people fail in life and in business because they haven’t got a DMO (Daily Method of Operation) that works – or even exists at all.

Your Network of Influencers:If you’ve been around for a while, you will know the saying that your income is the average of the 5 closest people to you. Not only is your income influenced, but also the way you think, what you believe and the habits that you form. So watch carefully who those people are, and make some tough choices in your life. It’s your responsibility, noone elses.

Now, as I said earlier, there are many things in life that you can’t control (like exploding volcanoes affecting flight paths, for example), but the above 3 are my top 3 controllables that you should be regularly watching the dials for.

If you do, you’re much likely to fly in the direction you want to go. The alternative is a crash landing – and that’s not a pretty experience for you, or others. So if you are struggling in your business, do a quick spot-check of the above ‘dials’ and make your course corrections.

Lastly, the best way to steer the course of your life is to daily check your dials. Remember: most of the time, you will start to drift off-course (think: cross-winds ie, adversity)…so you must trim your controllables.

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I’ve been actively doing Internet Marketing in several niches since January 2009, and more recently am in the planning stages of my own products and membership sites development. Depending on when you read this article and your views, that might be a short, or a relatively long time. As a teacher with 15 years experience, I strongly believe in passing on what I learn – apart from helping others, it also helps gel my own understanding (it’s the best way to learn many would suggest!).


I’ve found that the best time to begin teaching what I’ve learned is immediately after I’ve mastered it – the major advantage is that I can connect with my learners’ minds in a much more understanding way. So I’m much more likely to know what the struggles, pitfalls and stresses of my students are. In the ever-changing rules of what makes for effective and successful internet marketing, I’m able to pass on ideas that work today.

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