This might end up just being for a bit of fun, but I’m constantly on the lookout for smart ways to attract traffic, I admit!

I’m launching a new url shortening service over the next few days, and I’ll be interested to monitor how effective the advertising space will be at generating traffic/leads & also possible revenue.

I’ll keep shtum about the details just for now, for obvious reasons, but as soon as it’s out of beta, you’ll get a chance to test drive.

What could it offer than existing services like don’t already provide?? Well, that’d be telling, but it will have a few bells & whistles some url shortners lack.

I have to be honest though: I’m more wanting to see whether or not it provides a useful traffic boost for my primary business .

More news soon.

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Well, I’ve taken the plunge and got a copy of the developer version of the Thesis Theme for WordPress. I must say, it’s enormously flexible, and, at last, I can customize how WordPress looks in its design, without having to worry about spending lots of time debugging php code. Yippeee! I should add, that Thesis is more than just a theme – it’s actually a theme framework – so it has many powerful features that, as yet, I’m only scratching the surface of. Check out the Thesis Video here FFI. I’ll post a video about my discoveries as I get to grips with the rich feature set.

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