How Do You Get Talent?

How Do You Get The Same Talent As Olivia Archbold, Diversity and Many Other Acts That Have Appeared On Britain's Got Talent?


If that sounds like a bit of a mouthful, what it boils down to is is: people who become talented develop a rock-solid determination to succeed at what they are doing by constantly & repeatedly working on the action required to become masters at what they do. Mastery of a skill or talent comes with practice – but more than this, it requires a belief in yourself to the extent that you know that the outcome is a certainty as long as you just keep going in the same direction, with the same dedication. In reality, that determination and dedication often grow inside of us as we develop such habits. When we turn what we do into a habit, our subconscious mind takes over the management of the skills that we are acquiring, and it eventually become easy. The major issue for many people is that they don't hang in there for long enough to develop mastery. That's where the idea of a community of encouragers comes in. In order to dramatically increase the chances of success, you should seek a group of like-minded people to work alongside, so they can give you that constant positive feedback and help. If you don't have such a group of people – find one. And remember – the only way you can fail is by giving up.

Dez Futak