The Psychology of Success

Introduction (work in progress!)

This is the overview page for a series of tutorials/videos examining what steps are needed to become successful in life. The videos and articles are based on the themes Judith Leary-Joyce has produced in an excellent book with the same name, which you can purchase here.

Part 1: Five Fundamentals

Lesson 1: Understanding your style

Lesson 2: Getting to grips with your personal gravity

Lesson 3: Harness your life alignment curve

Lesson 4: Discover your core talent

Lesson 5: Address your needs

Part 2: Seven Behaviours

Lesson 6: Take Responsibility

Lesson 7: Build relationships

Lesson 8: Embrace Change

Lesson 9: Invite opportunity

Lesson 10: Be passionate

Lesson 11: Be conscious

Lesson 12: Get focused

Dez Futak