The Secret Your Bank Will Never Tell You…

The Secret Your Bank Will Never Tell You =>

Did You Know, Every Time You Put $1 Into Your Bank, They Turn It Into $10? And, As A Result Of Poor Financial Decisions by Many Governments Over The Last 40 Years, The World Economies Are Now Teetering On The Brink Of Collapse…

Let Me Cut To The Chase…

My name is Dez Futak, and about 18 months ago, I was blissfully ignorant of these facts. Worse than this however, I would not have even been interested if someone had told me. But as a result of meeting Robert Kiyosaki’s former IT guy, that all began to change. It was as if I’d just been given the famous “Red Pill”, and there was no turning back. Read on to hear the rest of this compelling story…

“I helped Robert Kiyosaki Build His Business, And Now I Want To Help Build Yours”

This was the headline Ad that grabbed my attention back in November 2008. I’d literally just finished reading Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad II: The Cashflow Quadrant”, and was wondering how best to take action. I was a stone-broke High School Science teacher looking for ways to generate income on line, fed up working long hours for relatively little pay, so I turned to the internet, just like you are probably doing right now.

You can imagine how reading that headline grabbed my attention. I contacted its author, and was soon on the phone to a calm-speaking guy from Arizona explaining to me what he was doing now. I was hooked.Roll the tape 18 months forward, and my thinking has completely changed. Now, I consider it of paramount importance that I educate myself financially.

So much so, that just recently, I was on a private coaching call with none other than Robert Kiyosaki himself, hosted by the very same former IT specialist who used to work for Robert.

“So What’s This Got To Do With Me?”

…you might well be asking.

Let me ask you a couple of very frank questions.

Do you want to become financially educated? More than that – do you want to know WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ABOUT IT?  I make no apologies for shouting. Many of my former teaching colleagues are carrying on with their heads buried in the sand, hoping that the economy will make a miraculous bounce back.

What they don’t realise, and many others like them, is that this isn’t a ball that will ever bounce. Instead, it’s one giant bubble that has burst.


If you don’t take action very soon, it will be all over for you.

The biggest wealth transfer ever in the history of the world is happening right now. If you don’t figure out what to do very soon and start building your escape route out of the chicken run, you’re going to be surrounded pretty soon by a bunch of headless chickens when the owner returns with his axe, and you could be next.

I know this is a pretty outrageous picture of what is happening – but we are living in outrageous times, where there is gross wealth and obscene poverty – very often within the space of a few blocks in one city.

So if you want to be in a position of plenty, able to help others out of their poverty and ignorance, you simply can’t afford to remain in the dark.

Fill in the form on this page, and I’ll send you instructions on how you can get tapped into the same training and practical tips on how to start building your escape route.

Don’t wait too long though: 8 years ago Robert Kiyosaki and many others saw this coming, and they are now emphatic that time has nearly run out.

Dez Futak