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AI Is Evolving Faster Than You Think….

One of my favourite Youtuber’s recently release an astonishing overview of how rapidly AI is evolving; you can watch it here:



Or, if you’re busy (I did watch it!)  here’s what ChatGPT summarized for me:

“The video discusses the rapid evolution of AI, particularly the release of GPT-4, which is smarter than previous models and can recognize images. OpenAI claims it is showing sparks of artificial general intelligence, which was not supposed to happen for another 20 years. The video covers new applications of AI technology, including creating websites, developing microservices and Google Chrome extensions, personalized education, and drug discovery. The video also discusses the potential risks of AI, including job loss, bias, and privacy concerns. The AI Wars between Google and Microsoft are also mentioned, with both companies integrating AI into their products. The video concludes with the idea that we are moving from the information age into the knowledge age.”

So, here’s a thought: if most of the jobs that exist right now are likely to be done by AI, and soon enough, robots, what does that have to say about how we should spend our time on this beautiful planet? Let me know your thoughts!

Dez Futak