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AI Is Evolving Faster Than You Think….

by ,

One of my favourite Youtuber's recently release an astonishing overview of how rapidly AI is evolving; you can watch it here:     Or, if you're busy (I did watch it!)  here's what ChatGPT summarized for me: "The video discusses the rapid evolution of AI,…

Conducting Effective Negotiations

by ,

Effectively negotiating with other people is, without any doubt, one of the highest-level skills we can develop in our personal & business relationships. In the following timeless video, Joel Peterson delivers some superb (& sometimes very entertaining!) ideas to the Stanford Executive Education Influence and…

How to Accelerate Your Business with the Hero’s Journey

by ,

Let me introduce you to Mark JanusewskiHe's actually got the funny maxim of "The world's Laziest Networker". He's been involved in sales for most of his working life, and in the home business industry for well over 20 years. For a very long time he…

Lifetime Hosting Review

by ,

Lifetime review and bonus Visit to get your lifetime hosting! Lifetime Hosting? How does *that* work??!! If you're scratching your head, wondering how on any business can make a living from offering hosting for a single fee, rather than paying monthly - read on!…

Curiosity Lands on Mars!

by ,

SOL 1: Higher Resolution Image from Curiosity (AWESOME!) [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Image courtesy of NASA, via Curiosity Mars Lander (how cool is that?!)[/caption]       First images from the Curiosity Mars lander, shortly after landing on 6 August 12:30am PDT (6:30am BST) Curisioty on…

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