So, why start a “side hustle” in the first place? And what exactly is a side hustle anyway? And can I run this alongside my normal day job?

Before I answer those questions (& others you might be asking), a bit of a back-story: back in 2008 I was spending a lot of time learning how to control a telescope via the internet (for real!). It was about as nerdy as you can possibly get: take pictures of galaxies, nebulae, planets and more from a telescope on a roof several miles away, from the comfort of my own home.

Pretty much light years away from anything to do with a side hustle, you’d agree.

So what happened?

I got mail!

Specifically, my brother in law sent me something through the post: a DVD (gasp!) and a small advertorial-type newspaper promoting this company.

I wasn’t even looking for ways to make additional income. But the attraction of being able to do work just once and get paid over and over again proved to be too powerful to ignore, so naturally I put my research-science hat on, investigated, and eventually signed up.

Now I not only knew nothing about sales, but also had no particular interest in business, or, dare I say, even money itself. I was a Physics teacher after all.

But eventually it dawned on me that I knew that the teaching was getting harder as I got older (more tired) & it was only a matter of time before the cons would outweigh the pros. So, began the long journey out of a “safe job” and in to the world of self-employment.

Three years later, and having tried out many side hustles, both the first mentioned above, and others (most of which, including the original, are still up & running), I walked away from my career as a teacher to join a start-up, which promptly fell through.

Being left with no stable income & in my 40’s was daunting, but also a blank slate.

And so the adventure in to the world of business began.

Whilst my journey into entrepreneurship isn’t exactly typical (whose is?!), I would say, in answer to the first question posed at the beginning of this post, that, in the words of an ancient saying – it’s always a good idea to dig your well before you’re thirsty.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist (or even an astronomer) to figure out that the global economy is going through a pretty bumpy ride on many fronts at the moment, with many squeezes happening due to rapid change, automation, machine learning, and so on – so, if you’re still of the view that your job is secure, you’re either in a very rare space employment-wise, or you’re possibly in a tad bit of denial about how things might pan out over the next 5 to 10 years.

So what exactly is a side hustle then? My simple definition is an extra source of income that you can tap in to when you need to, whether it’s starting up an airbnb, selling digital marketing services, helping others save money, designing your own custom jewellery… you get the idea. It’s something that you should be able to do that doesn’t interfere with your normal day job, and doesn’t compete with it in any way (your employment contract probably has something to say about this too).

Being able to run this alongside a normal job is, almost without exception, a very, very good idea, as it takes the pressure off your immediate finances in the case your employer goes belly-up, and it also gives you some sense of peace of mind that, if your job satisfaction heads south down the line (or is already going that way!), you have a plan B already in place – a well, as it were, to draw water from.

So, who should have a side hustle?

Well, if a nerdy Physics teacher/astronomer had one for 3 years alongside his teaching job, (& I know of head teachers, police officers, heating engineers, carers and more who are also running their own side hustle), then maybe, just maybe, it’s something you should consider investigating too.

The key, as far as I’m concerned, is that whatever side hustle you start, if should give you the flexibility to pick it up & put it down as life allows.

So, don’t wait until you’re thirsty before you dig your well is my simple thought on this.

Effectively negotiating with other people is, without any doubt, one of the highest-level skills we can develop in our personal & business relationships.

In the following timeless video, Joel Peterson delivers some superb (& sometimes very entertaining!) ideas to the Stanford Executive Education Influence and Negotiation Strategies Program. Recorded back in 2007, what he shares is as relevant today as when it was first delivered.

If you don’t want to listen to the entire 68 minutes now, take advantage of my cliff notes below the video.

Let me know what you get out of it!



Joel Peterson talks about how to conduct a successful negotiation. Recorded: January 31, 2007 Stanford Executive Education Influence and Negotiation Strategies Program
“A negotiation is a CONVERSATION.”
  • If you develop high levels of trust with the other party, there is greater durability
  • Thinking win-win
  • REMEMBER: there is ALWAYS a broader accountability outside your own interests (eg my spouse, the community)
  • Watch your language (DON’T even BLUFF just once)
  • Never use high velocity words – LOWER the temperature, not raise it
  • If someone else uses high velocity words, OVERLOOK them
  • Be CALM. Keeping the emotional BASELINE low is KEY (<= you’ll be trusted more)
  • Creative solutions, relationships with others that you like
  • It’s always smart to have someone outside the room to refine, correct, smooth over your errors (“let me check with….”)
  • Negotiate directly rather than through third parties
  • Your authenticity is something that will be determined by the other party
  • Be as pleasant and polite as you possibly can (if you’re likeable you’ll get better results)
Develop Rules of the Road:
Best practice principles that are congruent with your core values
& ones which are fair
  • reasonable
  • win-win
  • principled (so if lines are crossed, you stand firm!)
You’re looking to negotiate deals with people who have:
Power (<= the person with the ability to make the decisions!)
Try to figure out what the WIN-WIN scenario is – AND:
go in to the negotiation being aware of YOUR (& ideally figure our THEIR):
What is the ***OTHER*** person’s BATNA?
Know where the elephants and ants are:
Discern the difference between the battles & the war.
For high level negotiations with high level CCP’s
I tell the other party exactly what it is I’m trying to achieve, and the price I’m willing to pay to achieve it.
The more you can understand REALLY what it is that’s important to THEM, the better the opportunity you have to craft a solution that is going to work in their favour & yours
INSIDE vs OUTSIDE negotiations:
The INSIDE negotiations are the most important ones to lose
(remember: know the difference between the ant & the elephant!)
The worst thing is to be negotiating with people of compromised principles:
***Don’t wrestle with pigs – you’ll get dirty & they’ll enjoy it***
What BRAND do you want to convey & reputation do you want to build?
Talk about the areas of conflict to try to turn the situation into more of a win-win.
What would it take to develop a more long-lasting give & take in this relationship?
Try to have a LOT of options with which to negotiate
Ury & Fisher:
Getting to Yes
Getting past No
  • separate the people from the problem
  • focus on interests rather than position
  • invent options together for mutual gain
  • figure out the objective criteria for a win-win
  • assess the deal in the light of your best assessment of the win-win criteria
  • Figure out your & the other party’s BATNA
  • Find the areas where you agree & then the areas where you really need to negotiate

Let me introduce you to Mark Janusewski.

He’s actually got the funny maxim of “The world’s Laziest Networker”. He’s been involved in sales for most of his working life, and in the home business industry for well over 20 years.

For a very long time he struggled and failed, not getting anywhere, until he stumbled across some ideas by a little-know author called Joseph Campbell.

Mark has put together a series of training videos that deal with the three major misconceptions that slow a lot of people down, and often lead them to quitting altogether.

The really interesting part is something that Mark calls the “Hero’s Journey”.

What is the Hero’s Journey?

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the Hero’s journey – if you’ve studied philosophy or film-making, you probably have, because the Hero’s Journey is based on a book with the same name. written by Joseph Campbell, and you might know of someone very famous who read Joseph Campbell’s book who then went on to create a series of very famous films.

The particular person I’m referring to is someone by the name of George Lucas: on the back of reading Joseph Campbell’s book, George birthed the whole empire (excuse the pun) of the Star Wars series, which takes all of its ideas and roots from the Hero’s Journey.

In the free training videos I mention above, Mark shares how the ideas behind the Hero’s Journey actually shape our lives on a daily basis.

We’re just not necessarily aware that they do, but when you when you begin to understand how this almost universal journey works in the context of people and the decisions they make, it begins to have a significant impact in your business and life.

So I highly recommend that you get hold of what Mark is teaching here, because it is radically different from anything that you’ve probably heard of, or seen before – and I can definitely attest to that, having gone through a lot of this and other free training that Mark puts online.

Do please benefit from it – and obviously, if you get any any light-bulb moments as a result of going through the training, I’d love to connect with you and find out how you’re getting on.

Click here to access Mark’s free video series: Accelerate your business here

Winning is Always a Mental Game

If you follow Wimbledon, you’ll already know that Roger Federer has again won the Wimbledon Men’s finals for the 8th time, making him both the oldest Wimbledon Men’s winner for a long time – and the man who’s won the most times.


So how did he manage this?

As always, the key is the mental game – when you reach a high level of skill, the only thing that separates winning from losing is what goes on between your ears.

In fact, this is true whatever level you play at, whether it’s tennis, business, relationships, even life itself.

Yesterday morning I heard the amazing story of a young woman who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, for which she’s been receiving radiotherapy. What’s incredible about her story, is that a few years ago, her teenage son was killed in a tragic hit & run accident, and she battled through despair, depression & anger, to reach a place of real forgiveness and renewed strength.

And in front of over 500 people, she was sharing how she has won her latest mental battle against cancer – rising above the challenges she faces to once again be a person of courage, strength and hope for others.

So, back to Federer himself – he can point to his trainers, personal encouragement from his wife and others, to help him push against the odds, to win once again, when it would’ve been easier to doubt he had it in him to do this once more.

In Federer’s own words: “I’ve had some tough ones here but I always believed I could come back here again. If you believe, you can go really far in your life. I kept on dreaming and believing.”

Lifetime review and bonus Visit to get your lifetime hosting!

Lifetime Hosting? How does *that* work??!!

If you’re scratching your head, wondering how on any business can make a living from offering hosting for a single fee, rather than paying monthly – read on! Oh yes, plus, you can watch the video above which also explains how it works, if you prefer to watch, rather than read on.

So, “Lifetime Web Hosting?!” I hear you ask; “how can a business afford *that*?”

The answer’s actually fairly simple: most hosting companies realize that because the market is pretty saturated, customers tend to treat hosting as a commodity, rather than a service. And with scalable commercial cloud processing & storage solutions, hosting companies don’t ever have to worry about running out space, or resources.

Once a service has become commoditized, it’s really hard to persuade people to pay for something over & over again.

As far as lifetime hosting is concerned then, you can take advantage of this trend, by turning a number of traditionally monthly-based payments into a single lump sum that the customer never has to pay again.

As long as the amount paid is the same as the lifetime value of the customer, it’s actually better for the hosting business in terms of generating large cash injections that they can invest to fund co-related projects.

So, back to the Lifetime hosting review: is it any good?

I say a resounding “yes”, especially as the offer I picked up includes:

– daily off-site automated backups of the entire hosting account, and
– Letsencrypt, so I can provide my clients with internationally-recognised SSL certificates

Should you get rid of your existing hosting?

Yes & no: I *have* cancelled a couple of monthly hosting solutions since I took on board the Lifetime Hosting offer, and that’s saving me around £20/month, so it’s *definitely* been worth it, but I *do* still have my maIn reseller account, and a couple of cost-effective VPS servers for more resource-heavy sites (mostly for running e-commerce websites).

What’s in it for you?


I will provide you with a 500GB dedicated Cpanel account, install WordPress for you, set up your Sellosity software AND speed optimize your website, PLUS on-going email support

No need to pay for hosting!

Your entire Cpanel account will be remotely backed up daily. PLUS:
– You will be provided with a FREE SSL certificate for life
– Your website will be protected by a DNS-level filter (Cloudflare – I will set up a new Cloudflare account for you)

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Sellosity is the most powerful e-commerce & smart commerce platform ever created on WordPress – check out the video below highlighting its features:


1. Sellosity has dropshipping built in: this is a superb feature, enabling you to have items delievered via Drop-shopping when ordered from your e-commerce site

2. “Focused Funnels” or 1-click upsells: ideal for Social media- including free+shipping offers that have sales funnels built in. Superb for impulse buys, with upsell funnels to deepen the customer relationship and sales. Note: both focused funnels & traditional e-commerce pages are fully optimized for viewing on Smartphones, Tablets & Desktops.

3. Low annual fee for up to 10 personal sites: this is huge, as competitor e-commerce platforms tend to have monthly fees which are often higher per month than would you’ll pay annually for Sellosity. Other solutions have increasing costs as your sales & usage increases, or they require multiple, expensive addons in order have full functionality

4. One click import of products from popular platforms such as Aliexpress or Amazon – perfect if you want to be an affiliate for multiple products in a particular vertical or niche

5. No additional plugins required! Sellosity doesn’t need any further WordPress plugins, as it has multiple payment gateways built in, design options and much more

6. Optimized for speed. Sellosity’s author, Sean Donahoe, has taken existing GPL-code from the leading e-commerce platform, and optimized it for speed AND security – both essential for any business wanting to expand into e-commerce using WordPress.

7. Smart commerce: Multiple, trigger & segmented follow-up “smart” emails according to the behaviour of the purchaser, leading to further passive sales over time. Note: this includes triggers for abandoned cart recovery for people who don’t complete their purchase. Sellosity also includes personalised messaging which is proven to enhance sales conversions.

Sellosity is a fully-featured, enterprise-level e-commerce platform for WordPress, which includes full shopping card and multiple payment gateways (such as Stripe, Paypal, Braintree & more) and really is a superb platform. It is currently on offer at its lowest price during its launch period. You can purchase it here: Sellosity Review.

PS: I’ve put together an excellent bonus for Sellosity, if you purchase through my link:


I will provide you with a 500GB dedicated Cpanel account, install WordPress for you, set up your Sellosity software AND speed optimize your website, PLUS on-going email support

No need to pay for hosting!

Your entire Cpanel account will be remotely backed up daily. PLUS:

– I will optimize your site for SPEED
– You will be provided with a FREE SSL certificate for life
– Your website will be protected by a DNS-level filter (Cloudflare – I will set up a new Cloudflare account for you)
– I will additionally backup your Sellosity WordPress installation (files & database) to TWO cloud-based locations, ensuring maximum backup protection
– Your site will be backed up by an enterprise-level Web Application Firewall, intelligent caching
– Your entire site will be cloned in a different location again for OTTA (“Over the Top Availability” ? )

Sellosity Reviews and Bonus by Sean Donahoe – BEST INSTANT STORE BUILDER with DRAG & DROP SIMPLICTY

Sellosity is a self-hosted ecommerce system with 1-click upsells, smart commerce enabled with features you won’t find anywhere else.

Not only that, you are not locked in to high monthly fees, not restricted on payment processors and you don’t have to spend another fortune every month on a ton of apps to go beyond the basic functionality that competitors leave you with.

Not only that, it’s built on top of a proven ecommerce engine that already powers 37% of all online ecom stores (Over 1 Million active installations).

Appalled by the limited functionality and outrageous monthly fees that cripple most ecommerce store owners before they even have chance to turn a profit, Sean Donahue built Sellosity to solve the problems theywere experiencing in his ecommerce businesses. That’s how they know for a fact that they offer best-in-class features at a price our nearest rivals simply can’t match.

Combine that with the extensive training, tools and resources they provide and your customers have absolutely everything they could ever need to get started in the $2.1 trillion ecommerce industry.

With Sellosity, they’ll be ready to grow their existing store to 7 figures in revenue… without the large monthly overheads, transaction fees, and need for expensive apps or add-ons.

This is exactly the right moment to release a revolutionary new ecommerce platform for WordPress. Because Sellers are paying far too much in overheads to run their ecommerce businesses, Sellosity was created.

Too many entrepreneurs struggle to make ecommerce work for them. And the limited functionality and outrageous monthly fees associated with many of the most popular ecommerce platforms drove the creators to do something about it!

Most people don’t know that Sean Donahoe’s background IS ecommerce. Just a few years ago, he owned the second largest art store on the Internet. with over 3 million products and turning over 7 figures a year in revenue.

Best of all, he never personally saw, touched, or shipped a single product. The business was 100% automated and products were dropshipped from the vast network of vendors they were in partnership with. He’s also built huge Amazon-style stores with over $450 million in inventory, and have personally consulted with multi-million dollar ecommerce giants such as Walmart, Kroger, and Costco to name just a few. Bottom line? He knows his stuff when it comes to ecommerce.

Sellosity Review and Bonus

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Sellosity Review and Bonuses



The best innovations are sometimes both simple to grasp, elegant in the solution they create, and almost always obvious in retrospect.

PayPal’s “” idea ticks all 3 checkboxes, providing individuals, startups and solopreneurs alike with a quick and easy way to invoice for services, creating payment links “on the fly” like this:

for example.

Simple to grasp, elegant and super-quick to set up.

There are so many ways this can be used; here’s some quick ideas:

  • You’re a business growth consultant who charges £120/hour, offering some freemium content on a Google Hangout or Periscope to a targeted group. At timely moments during the valuable free group session, explain that for one on one sessions, viewers can take advantage of a 30 minute “special” where you’re offering to help them move forward, at a 50% discount: Or perhaps instead, if they want to take the next step, you could send them to for a £1/$1 trial for a 15 minute session.
  • You’re out with some business friends & the group decides to go for an impromptu Italian meal – but you’ve accidentally left your credit cards at home. Since there’s no charge to receive money if it’s from friends, most of the group have already grabbed their own personalised link, and the leader sends you his link for your share of the meal via text.
  • You’ve just introduced a new B2B service and you’re with a prospective client who really seems to want to trial the system today, but you’re not entirely sure they’re being serious. You could create a link “on the fly” as you’re talking with them as way of checking where they’re at: “Tell you what, let me text you a trial link where you can run with our full system for 30 days, and then you’ll be in a much better place to see if this is really a good fit for your business”.

…this is obviously just the tip of a very large iceberg in terms of how could be used.

But you can already see that with a bit of preparation on your part, you can leverage in all sorts of creative ways to help with better cashflow, give new clients a low risk way to get on-board, and a whole bunch more.

How about a tip jar for Bloggers, with a WordPress plugin that gives the reader an Ajax-based dropdown where they select the amount they want to tip and then pay via in just a few clicks)?

Or maybe something similar to the above for a yard sale, or even you’re own Etsy-style “pay what you reckon” e-commerce page, where visitors can choose from a range of prices?

What ideas can you come up with that will help your business using

Just saw this today:

Instead of investing money in the government's bankrupt pension scheme, why not invest some of your own time to build something much, much better? Click here to find out how

Build your own pension with time instead of money – click here to find out how

This quote takes things a step further:

The report’s author, Michael Johnson, has suggested that the end of the fund will mean that the government needs to take radical steps. He suggests that it should bring an end to the National Insurance system – and that the Chancellor ought to announce this in the Autumn Statement. He suggests that the current approach of adding it to the income tax bands should make way for a single tax matching the total tax we currently pay on income – namely 32%, 42% and 47%.

But perhaps most shocking is the effect he is predicting for future generations. Johnson suggests that: “Given that exhaustion is inevitable, the next generation should be advised that their State Pension will be, at best, derisory. Indeed, it would be prudent to plan around not receiving anything at all.” He warns that for people aged 45 and under there’s every chance that the pension will be more modest, and retirement dates much later. For those under the age of 35 he says that there may be no state pension at all.

So Instead of investing money in the government’s bankrupt pension scheme, why not invest some of your own time to build something much, much better? Click here to find out how.