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Video Genesis is a premium video marketing training program created by a Hollywood film producer (Andy Jenkins) & online business owner Mike Filsaime.

Both of them are very experienced in their own fields, but what’s interesting about both is that they have leveraged video to the hilt in order to sell their products and services to literally thousands of people.

Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime discussing the Video Genesis training program
Andy Jenkins & Mike Filsaime discussing the Video Genesis training program

Apart from the obvious expertise of both these business owners, what makes Video Genesis even more remarkable is the incredible value being offered at such an affordable price-point. In essence, Video Genesis covers the 4 keys required to make marketing videos successful in terms of achieving whatever the desired result should be.

But instead of Andy Jenkins making this a “lite” course, he’s thrown every single technique, strategy and video expertise, delivered in his entertaining but insightful manner to produce a program which will, in effect, become your video marketing bible.

Not only has Andy produced, directed and edited Hollywood films (The Blair Witch Project & Lord of the Rings being among the more famous you’re likely to know), but he’s also released highly successful video training programs in the past, which have themselves sold thousands of units.

What makes Video Genesis different however, is that in stead of charging the normal $2,000 for such a course, both Andy & Mike wanted this training to be available to as wide an audience as possible.

Want to know how much it will set you back? Click here to find out – you’ll be pleasantly surprised!



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