The 4 Hour Work Week

This is a radical book in many ways: from start to finish Tim Ferriss overthrows many cherished ideas and ideals that small businesses seem to have adopted over the last two centuries since the industrial revolution first begun.

The basic premise of the book is that any small business can use automation of its processes in order to remove the CEO/MD from being a key player to more of a monitor (Tim likens the role to being a traffic policeman, whose primary role is to ensure that the communication systems that are in place continue to work as designed).

Tim has been at this whole business of operating his various entrepreneurial pursuits – he calls them muses – in this manner since 2003. Prior to this, he ran his business (BRAINQuickenTM ) like any ‘normal’ self-employed operation – he was heavily involved, and at the centre of the various decisions that were key to the business’ success.

It all got too much, and Tim, being a fighter through & through, didn’t let the crushing demands overcome him, but instead he re-designed the whole business from the ground up, with 2 key components:

  • Automation of systems & decisions
  • Outsourcing of the various modules that comprise his muse

Tim uses his experience to share with the reader his successes and failures – but much more importantly, he gives detailed instructions on how to achieve the outcome he now lives – how to work, on average, of just 4 hours per week.

There are lots of fun exercises for you to try out at the end of each chapter – some of them are reflective of Tim’s playful character and made me laugh out loud on several occasions. Primarily, Tim wants to enjoy life and love others. He makes recommendations, for example, of what to do when you’ve established yourself in this new lifestyle – financial independence through multiple passive income streams (he coins the phrase ‘New Rich’ or NR to describe this).

The 4 Hour Work Week is an amazingly rich resource in many ways, and the first thing I did when I finished (apart from actioning many of its recommendations!) was to delve right back into the chapters that spoke to me the most.

If you’re fed up with working yourself to the bone with little financial reward, then you MUST read this book. It will turn your life around. It’s already turning mine upside down.

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Dez Futak