Free Internet Marketing Resources

Below are a tiny selection of free, online reources that you can either use online, or download.

DISCLAIMER: Please use them at your own risk – I can’t be held liable for any damage done to your computer as a result of using these resources.


Web-based Resources

Online Sales Letter Generator – a bit basic, but it enables you to focus on the core aspects of copywriting, rather than presentation. One of the hardest things with writing sales letters is keeping focussed; this online tool will certainly help you in this process.

Basics of getting started in Internet Marketing – a great series of free videos dealing with basics such as setting up your own hosting, getting started with WordPress, Photoshop etc. Too many times these are the precise places where many wanna-be internet marketers get stuck, partly because they feel overwhelmed with the number of options available & places to find very similar information.

Eric’s Tips – Eric Holmund is a first-rate internet marketer, copywriter & all-round genuine guy; he was one of the team members responsible for the online TV series "The Internet Millionaire" produced in 2007/8, and his website is THE place to go if you want to find information about Internet Marketing in bite-sized chunks.

At the time of writing, I’m not an affiliate of his products, but he will soon be offering this service to other Internet Marketers. I HIGHLY recommend that you sign up on his mailing list & watch his online training videos (which you don’t need to sign up for, at the time of writing). A SUPERB resource.


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