Global Governance: The Fall of the Republic?

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Summary of the video:

  • Who should governments serve?
  • In the USA at the moment, the premise of the video is that behind both the Republican & Democrat parties is really a controlling group who are using the duopoloy of the US government for their own means & have taken the political system of the USA hostage.
  • More than this, the video suggests that the controlling group has grander schemes than just the USA.

I don’t normally venture into the world of politics in this blog, as usually there are as many views as there are people, but as an entrepreneur I cannot pretend that what I do is in a moral or political vacuum.

There’s nothing new about conpsiracy theories; they’ve been around for centuries, if not millenia. And I usually glaze over when people start waffling on about 9/11, the CIA etc. It’s more often than not food for information junkies who haven’t got anything better to do.

In this case, I’m putting my cards on the table about the above, however. I know it might be funded by people who have an equally strong agenda as the globalists, but that’s life. You can’t really be neutral on anything of import in any case.

We are in an unprecedented time in the world at this time: the economies of the world are in meltdown, and social unrest is at an all-time high. I personally have very eclectic political views, but the solutions to the world’s problems have traditionally never been solved by a controlling group. Usually what happens is that the controlling group turns into a monster, and many un-necessary and foolhardy decisions are made.

What do you think?

Is the video just propaganda by US nationalists in disguise? Or is there something we should take seriously? Let me know your thoughts!

Dez Futak