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How to be Productive in Your Business

Admission: I started this article purely as a way of being able to record my thoughts online from my mobile phone – this wasn’t aimed as being a blog post to start with 🙂

Without further ado, here’s what is going through my mind at the moment: How do I become more productive in my business with my daily routine?

Here’s the plan: – Organise my most productive hours (before everyone else in my family is awake) to focus on the key traffic-generation strategies that are essential tol my online business. – Use less productive times to exercise, eat, rest, relax, communicate, do admin tasks such as cashflow analysis, filing, emails.

Eban Pagan & other "productive experts" reckon we have at most 2-4 hours/day when we can create the most effective results.

For me, the ideal time is between 5-7am, but it will obviously be different for you.

So, in my case, getting high quality leads for my business is my top priority every day, and I know I must make good use of those first two hours of the day to grow and maintain traffic generation strategies which work in my sector.

I’ll be sharing more about what I do over the next few posts, so stay tuned. Dez.

Dez Futak