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Mad Scientist Turns To The Internet To Unlock Hidden Future…

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In December 2000, a work colleague gave me his credit card and asked my to buy a telescope, and then persuade my employer to house the telescope in an observatory, with a view to making the telescope available to other schools via the internet.

I didn’t know anything about programming, computers, web-hosting, or any of the plethora of skills needed to get such a system online, and spent the next five years teaching myself, drawing in the help of motivated students and academics along the way.

The system went live in July 2005, and is controllable from any broadband internet connection, as well as the school network where it is based.

In 2008 I was approached by my brother in law about a business opportunity that he and his wife had become part of, and my wife and I thought it would be a useful way to earn some extra income.

Little did either of us know where this would eventually lead: after discovering the leverage the internet provides an online business, and using my computer skills already garnered, I dived into a high-end pay-per-click marketing course at the turn of 2009, gaining invaluable marketing and analysis skills needed for successful affiliate advertising and social media using Twitter.

As Robert Kiyosaki so clearly puts in several of his Rich Dad series however, skills and products on their own are not enough to produce a successful business.

Outstanding leadership, a clear missional objective and teamwork are always defining parameters that shape the context of any successful entrepreneurial endeavour, and it was with these key principles in mind that I hunted for a company that offered more than just a respectable compensation plan or unique product range. I was after a community of outstanding people who new no bounds to what is possible.

Once I found such a business, I knew there would be no turning back, and I now face the global economic downturn with excitement and expectation as I use my skills and abilities to create new possibilities for my family, and those I know who are not in such a fortunate position as myself.

If you are looking to be part of such a team, fill in the form below. I’m looking for self-motivated winners who see adversity and challenge as friends to success, not enemies. If you are such a person, fill in the form.

If you just want an easy way to make money online, you won’t find it here, however. There are no magic bullets on the internet. It’s up to you to make the opportunity happen.


Dez Futak