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1:25:52 PM: Quotes to Feed the Soul: 1. Get comfortable being uncomfortable

1:26:14 PM: 2. If you want something different to happen, you have to do something different.

1:26:29 PM: 3. When others slack off, you increase you game.

1:26:47 PM: Blog update: / Quick Twitter Test…”

1:26:58 PM: 4. Create your goals, then stay focused until you achieve them.

1:27:18 PM: 5. Don’t just work alone, find others to share your vision.

1:27:35 PM: 6. Find the biggest why that gets you out of bed every day.

1:27:54 PM: 7. If you want to be *really* successful, double your rate of failure.

1:28:38 PM: Check out http:/ for more quotes to feed your soul…

Dez Futak