How to Accelerate Your Business with the Hero’s Journey

Let me introduce you to Mark Janusewski

He's actually got the funny maxim of “The world's Laziest Networker”. He's been involved in sales for most of his working life, and in the home business industry for well over 20 years.

For a very long time he struggled and failed, not getting anywhere, until he stumbled across some ideas by a little-know author called Joseph Campbell.

Mark has put together a series of training videos that deal with the three major misconceptions that slow a lot of people down, and often lead them to quitting altogether.

The really interesting part is something that Mark calls the “Hero's Journey”.

What is the Hero's Journey?

I don't know if you're familiar with the Hero's journey – if you've studied philosophy or film-making, you probably have, because the Hero's Journey is based on a book with the same name. written by Joseph Campbell, and you might know of someone very famous who read Joseph Campbell's book who then went on to create a series of very famous films.

The particular person I'm referring to is someone by the name of George Lucas: on the back of reading Joseph Campbell's book, George birthed the whole empire (excuse the pun) of the Star Wars series, which takes all of its ideas and roots from the Hero's Journey.

In the free training videos I mention above, Mark shares how the ideas behind the Hero's Journey actually shape our lives on a daily basis.

We're just not necessarily aware that they do, but when you when you begin to understand how this almost universal journey works in the context of people and the decisions they make, it begins to have a significant impact in your business and life.

So I highly recommend that you get hold of what Mark is teaching here, because it is radically different from anything that you've probably heard of, or seen before – and I can definitely attest to that, having gone through a lot of this and other free training that Mark puts online.

Do please benefit from it – and obviously, if you get any any light-bulb moments as a result of going through the training, I'd love to connect with you and find out how you're getting on.

Click here to access Mark's free video series: Accelerate your business here

Dez Futak