Effective Marketing Strategies: Creating & Communicating Powerful Ideas


Tips on how to make your business connect deeply with your prospects

The information presented here is a mashup of some of the things I’ve been reading in an excellent book, called Tuned In: Discover the Extraordinary opportunities that lead to business breakthroughs.


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If you’re involved with, or considering becoming part of a business, you should ensure that it has the principles espoused in the book, Tuned In.

One of the 6 keys to ensuring that your prosepctive customer connects with your company’s products or services, is that of powerful communication or articulation of the main idea that your company represents. The above Special Report is based on my summarial reading of the chapter in the book that examines this key building block to any business.

All the six building blocks mentioned in the book are needed if a business is to stand any chance of competing in an ever-changing online landscape.

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