The Google Switch Report

[display_podcast] The Google Switch Report outlines how to develop an integrated approach to traffic creation, effective lead generation and the creation of raving fans for you business. Perhaps for the first time, we have mapped out before us a systematic approach to the whole methodology of internet-based traffic generation using different and disparate web technologies.… Continue reading The Google Switch Report

Internet Marketing 101 – Free Course!

I’ve been actively doing Internet Marketing in several niches since January 2009, and more recently am in the planning stages of my own products and membership sites development. Depending on when you read this article and your views, that might be a short, or a relatively long time. As a teacher with 15 years experience,… Continue reading Internet Marketing 101 – Free Course!

Google Wonder Wheel

Google Wonder Wheel (GWW) provides a slick, graphical overview of how keywords link, along with relative search volume. If you’re used to trawling through long lists, GWW provides a refreshing and powerful alternative. A teriffic tool for keyword research and analysis. If you want to know more about how to do market research for your… Continue reading Google Wonder Wheel

Google Quality Score & Cost-per-Click De-mystified

Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, talks about Quailty Score & Cost per click in PPC advertising. Key Components to your website: These all affect your quality score Relevant, original content Be easily navigable Quick load time Minimum pop-ups or pop-unders Be transparent about the nature of your business – how your site interacts with… Continue reading Google Quality Score & Cost-per-Click De-mystified

A change to Google Adwords display URL policy

As of 24 February 2009, Google has refined it’s policy regarding domain names within a single Adgroup. This will mean for example, that the following are OK: But the following domains in the same Adgroup don’t comply with theĀ  new policy: So, if you (like I’ve been doing!) split-test your Ads… Continue reading A change to Google Adwords display URL policy