If you’ve ever wanted to know what characteristics are important for leadership, here they are – summarized with 5 B’s. If you read the list without being challenged – contact me & tell me your secret. I know I find at least 2 of them tricky to maintain, so maybe you can help.

Tongue-in-cheek comments aside, here are the 5 B’s:

1)Be Forgiving
2)Be honest
3)Be a person of integrity
4)Be self-expressed
5)Be Loving

If you strive to fulfill all 5 of these traits in whatever role you have as a leader, undoubtedly you’ll end up with a following, not just of interested by-standers, but of committed and aspiring leaders who will want to replicate what you have achieved in your own life.

So, as 2010 is now upon us all, use the 5 B’s above to guide you as you steer your way through the new decade. And do comment below to let me know which of the 5 B’s you have made significant progress in during 2009, and what you want to see for 2010.


Dez Futak