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Twitter Down!

Twitter, the new social media sensation of 2009, has, at the time of writing, gone down. Well, there is a website there – but presumaly it’s some marketers who are taking avantage of the dns being off-air for a bit.

Instead of the nice curvy lines of the familiar twitter logo, I saw a bog-standard affiliate mash-up landing page (you know – the ones where you just get loads of links to affiliate offers, but no real content).

Funnily enough, just going back there now (10 mins later), the afiliate mash-up junk has gone, and now the page just hangs. That could be because it’s just off-air for a while…or, dare I suggest, the site might be being DOS/DDOS-ed?

I’d be surprised if that was the case, mind you, because Amazon S3 is very much the cloud computing virtual backplane for twitter….more likely they’ve just pulled it all offair whilst they make the scheduled BIG changes to the whole setup (presumably to implement the new business model etc).

Anyway, if you saw the affiliate mashup junk page, leave a comment below.

I’m just curious to know 🙂

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Dez Futak