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AI Is Evolving Faster Than You Think….

by ,

One of my favourite Youtuber's recently release an astonishing overview of how rapidly AI is evolving; you can watch it here:     Or, if you're busy (I did watch it!)  here's what ChatGPT summarized for me: "The video discusses the rapid evolution of AI,

Conducting Effective Negotiations

by ,

Effectively negotiating with other people is, without any doubt, one of the highest-level skills we can develop in our personal & business relationships. In the following timeless video, Joel Peterson delivers some superb (& sometimes very entertaining!) ideas to the Stanford Executive Education Influence and

Twilio Sms in the UK – Now LIVE!

by ,

Twilio sms in the UK is now live! I've been using  Twilio sms since last November, and in December of last year I worked with 2 JV partners to launch some Twilio SMS software which is very easy for businesses to use. This is great news

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