The IM Report Card is a brilliant concept – it gives anyone with direct experience of internet marketing products a chance to share their experiences, good & bad, of a product that they’ve bought/used.

It aims to become THE place of effective peer-review in the Internet-Marketing Community, and it’s aims in that respect are commendable.

What’s more interesting, is that the owners will also *pay* the reviewers money, which is a good way of encouraging people to bother to review. All submissions are monitored for spammy links, and are reviewed prior to publication.

Here’s an article I’ve just finished about Global Domains International, with whom I’m a member:

Little Disclaimer: I can only speak from personal experience here, so please don’t take what I say as ‘gospel’.

I’ve been using GDI for a couple of months now, in ‘set-and-forget’ mode.

I found out about them through an affiliate link on Twitter.

If you’re new to website building, and don’t mind paying a little over the odds for a basic webhosting/design service, then I think GDI is great value – the GUI-based interface is a real God-send for anyone new to designing web pages.

For myself, I didn’t personally ‘warm’ to the web-building interface, as I’m the sort of guy who likes building things from the ground up.

Having said that, I didn’t join GDI for the web-building tools; I joined it to earn some money.

I’m currently working on a few businesses, one of them being affiliate marketing, and so one way I’m promoting GDI is through a very simple banner ad on my blog.

I’m not expecting it generate significant income initially, but once traffic grows significantly to my blog, I’m sure that some people will like what GDI offers, particularly in the niche that the blog focuses on.

The other way I’m promoting GDI is again incidental – through Kimbal Roundy’s Spider Web Marketing System, which he’s imminently releasing in it’s version 2.0 form, using social media.

Undoubtedly Kimbal uses GDI & other affiliate schemes to earn himself money, and I think he’s a very clever guy (& all the best to him for creating SWS 2.0).

In the long run, I expect to earn the most using GDI through Kimbal’s system, as it’s a very powerful lead generation product that he’s created.

If you’re not doing either of the above, or promoting it through other methods that the GDI trainers recommend, I would say that unless you totally focus on GDI completely, you’ll be disappointed with the results.

But in truth, you shouldn’t expect to gain much in any niche/business model unless you put massive action into it, so noone should be complaining that GDI doesn’t match up to their expectations.

To anyone out there who’s just starting out using the internet to make money – don’t be angry with the marketing, just learn about it, and learn from it…..monitor your own emotional response when you see good marketing & learn why it’s so effective in drawing you in.

In time, you’ll have the principles firmly established in what you do. Remember, good marketing is all about AIDAS (Attention/Interest/Desire/Action/Satisfaction). The GDI marketing is amongst the best I’ve seen.

But I’m not cross with them for drawing me in – I went into GDI with my eyes open. I’m not disappointed. Remember too that there is a *lot* of training available to help you if you want it.

I’m busy developing my primary businesses, so I haven’t availed myself of that training – but it’s there if I ever want/need it.

So, if you are a GDI member, take the advice from the few reviewers here who have stuck it out, some of whom *are* earning good money.

And if you’re thinking about joining them, but haven’t yet made up your mind, make sure you realize that you *will* have to work hard at it initially – and as one other reviewer said – be prepared to think outside the box a little bit & find you’re own unique angle.

That’s one of the key ingredients for any *really* successful marketer, whatever you’re promoting/creating.

All the best,


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  • Google Wonder Wheel (GWW) provides a slick, graphical overview of how keywords link, along with relative search volume. If you’re used to trawling through long lists, GWW provides a refreshing and powerful alternative. A teriffic tool for keyword research and analysis.
  • If you want to know more about how to do market research for your particular niche without having to spend huge amounts on specialized software tools, I’ll be running a free, 7-part mini-course called Internet Marketing101 – soon. Sign up below & be the first to get the inside scoop.

Yes Please! Send me details of when Internet Marketing101 comes out!

In the mini-course, you’ll find out:

  • how to set up Google Adwords, Yahoo & Microsoft Paid Search
  • how to decide between using PPC & PPV
  • why long-tail Keyword research can save you thousands of dollars
  • how to set up an affiliate acount
  • 18 ways you can tailor your advertising campaigns
  • what’s the best free resource you can use for generating long-tail keywords (hint: it’s not Google!)
  • about a simple trick to use Amazon to help pay for your Google adwords campaigns (and I know no-one else is doing this!)
  • how to use twitter, facebook & youtube properly (and find out how I nearly got it all horribly wrong!)
  • why you should invest more in your own personal development much more than in your technical skills
  • where to find the best outsourcing
  • My rolodex of key free & paid resources that I use in my internet marketing

…I’ll be delivering the content over a period of a few months, as time allows – I’ve got a business to run!

But I want to make the mini-course something that you can tap into anytime, and it will contain video how-to’s and more, which will be your’s to download & keep/pass on to others as you see fit. The only thing you won’t be able to do is sell it to anyone else, as I’m making it free of charge.

Why am I willing to do this?

The simple answer is obvious to anyone who’s been around in the internet marketing world for a while: if you benefit/like from what I have to offer, you might just gossip about me to your friends – and that’s what networking is all about 🙂

I could charge for the mini-course, but to be honest, I’d rather offer something for free, and get lots of feedback from my users, which is worth way more than a few hundred dollars.

If the course is very successful, I might make into a paid course down the line.

Fill in the form below & I’ll email you the first session as soon as it’s done:


Well, I’ve taken the plunge and got a copy of the developer version of the Thesis Theme for WordPress. I must say, it’s enormously flexible, and, at last, I can customize how WordPress looks in its design, without having to worry about spending lots of time debugging php code. Yippeee! I should add, that Thesis is more than just a theme – it’s actually a theme framework – so it has many powerful features that, as yet, I’m only scratching the surface of. Check out the Thesis Video here FFI. I’ll post a video about my discoveries as I get to grips with the rich feature set.

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Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google, talks about Quailty Score & Cost per click in PPC advertising.

Key Components to your website:

These all affect your quality score

  • Relevant, original content
  • Be easily navigable
  • Quick load time
  • Minimum pop-ups or pop-unders
  • Be transparent about the nature of your business – how your site interacts with the visitor’s computer, and how you intend to use the visitor’s personal information
Google Quality Score

Google Quality Score

Adrank & Cost-per Click

Google determines your ad rank according to the Quality Score x your maximum bid; the higher the product of these two numbers, the better you ad rank and the higher up you’ll be in the paid advertising rankings.

Plus, you won’t have to pay so much to get in the number one slot. In fact, if your quality score goes up as a result of you tweaking your pages (as per the above checklist), then you could end up paying less for the number one slot compared to the person below you.

Cost per Click(2)

Your CPC = Your Competitor's Ad rank below you/Your QS

In other words, it really pays (literally!) to follow the Google adwords training on what makes a good quality score: When I first started Search Engine or PPC marketing, I was aware of the need to have a good quality score, but I didn’t really have enough experience or knowledge to know how to get my Quality Score higher, so I wasted lots of money.

If you’re starting out in Search Engine Marketing, Pay per click advertising, or affiliate marketing, John Reese’s new course is an ideal companion to the free stuff that Google provides – click the image below to find out more.

Build the ultimate moneymaking online business!
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Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
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  • Google Wave is like your own customizable mashup of several different communications technologies.
  • Think of it as a combination of:
    • wiki+Facebook+IM+Twitter+Flickr+Live Blogging
  • It will MASSIVELY speed up the way we can network with other people, create collaborative work and share our lives
  • Google Wave is open source, which means its development will be super-quick and new twists & turns to what it is & becomes will be up to all of us.
  • Set to be released sometime in Summer 2009.
  • If you’re involved in any kind of web presence for your business or social networking, and you don’t get involved, you’ll kick yourself.
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This is an inspiring & no holds-barred documentary about young Americans venturing into the amazing and sometimes murky world of politics. Whilst it is sometimes over-quoted, the maxim evil prospers when good men (& women!) do nothing is very appropriate here. None of the potentials in the film are earmarked being any ‘cleaner’ than the rest of us: the point, rather, is that they’re not willing to let their neighbourhoods go down the pan through apathy.

That’s food for thought for all of us!

The trailer above is inspiring stuff – and, if you want more, do visit Jason Pollock’s website for further information: The Youngest Candidate.

Who said politics was dead? Not in the places where those guys live – it’s alive and kicking!

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